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6 Dinner Ideas for Your Valentine!

February may be a cold month (at least for this ex-southerner) but it’s got a heartwarming holiday to look forward to! While a box of chocolates and a rose are great classic ideas, I’ve sifted through the internet to find some really special meals that are a little more out of the box. Hopefully, this inspires you to try something a little different for that special someone! If you do something cool that isn’t listed and you’d like me to check it out, please tell me about it in the comments!

There is nothing wrong with taking your sweetie out for something sweet to eat, but there’s something special about having your S/O cook for you. I usually cook at home, but when Amin cooks for me, especially if it’s something he knew I would like (seafood or pasta instead of chicken) it’s an easy way to make me swoon. I get to chill out and relax or just talk to him and watch him run around the kitchen (extra points if he cleans up the kitchen after). P.S. It doesn’t have to be valentines for this to happen…just sayn’ but if you’re low on ideas, here are some valentines themed recipes that look as good as they taste!

2.) How about Valentines Popcorn and a Rom-Com?: Screw the Movie Theater! Seriously! You sit there with a bunch of people, and some of them are loud jerks. You pay a ton of money for some stale popcorn and you can’t even pause the movie if you need to use the restroom. You can do way better (for cheaper) with this cute Valentines day themed popcorn and if you’re looking for some movie ideas I suggest “Rich Crazy Asians” and the classic “Princess Bride” (bonus points if your S/O asks for anything and you reply with “As you wish”)…You’re welcome you sexy beast you!

3.) If your sweetie is into seafood, I found this recipe for an amazing Halibut served over a bed of spring pea risotto. No need for Gordon Ramsey to scream obscenities at you, the directions are really clear on what you need to do to make that “perfect” risotto. You can find the recipe to this on Feasting at Home.

4.) I have made steak before, but Valentines is supposed to be a bit special right? So why not try something a little more unique like this delicious rack of lamb recipe by the Barefoot Contessa. I’ve actually made this for my husbands birthday and the flavor of lamb is now one of my favorites!

5.) My husband LOVES to eat chicken which can really make dinner time easy for me. However, if you’re looking to do chicken for Valentines I highly suggest something with a bit more finesse like this Easy Lemon Chicken Picatta by the Chunk Chef, is delicious. I honestly make this even when it’s not Valentines (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t really like chicken!).

6.) If you guys are into pasta like me, stuffed Shells are the BEST!!!! You can also freeze these guys and pop them into the oven with some thawed out sauce which simplifies dinner and means more time for you to recite poetry or whatever it is you do as an expression of love. And they’re not hard to make in my opinion. You take jumbo pasta shells and stuff them with usual ricotta (though my mother used to use a mix of cottage cheese, mozzarella, and spices like garlic powder and parsley) and then cover them in a delicious spaghetti sauce with more cheese on top and then bake. The result is absolutely decadent and goes amazingly way with a nice red wine and garlic bread. I usually use THIS recipe as a loose guideline on how long to bake them and what oven temperature to use, but as you can see, the cheese mixture, as well as the meat sauce, is subject to your whims. If you sign up with my blog HERE, you’ll get a notification if I ever make them and I’ll be sure to post the recipe!

There is nothing wrong with a classic recipe by candlelight: Sometimes, trying too hard can feel desperate. There’s nothing wrong with making his or her favorite meal and serving it with a little extra to make it feel special. For example…My mother often made spaghetti (because it was cheap and we were poor), but that same meal, prepared by my man, with lit candles, and some garlic bread and wine with nice romantic music playing in the background and maybe a yummy dessert (like the Kabobs above chilling in the fridge), just took a regular meal to something special and it took just a little extra prep. If none of these suggestions are working for you, please check out my Pinterest. I have all kinds of boards featuring delicious recipe from all over the internet!

Tell me what you or someone else has done on Valentines to show love in the comments!

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