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First Quarter Goals Check-In

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Last year I did quarterly goal check-in’s to be accountable and real about who I am. My goals last year were to lose weight, blog once a week, and to make my home a comfortable place to be. Those were mostly accomplished. This year, they were to lose weight, blog three times a week, and seek out more fun and I have to say so far, I’m killing it!


I have to admit there were times last year I was really dreading writing these check-ins because I wasn’t making a lot of progress, but I am really proud of how far I’ve come in just three months and I’m really excited to share!

First Quarterly Goals Check-In!!! by

This was a goal that failed last year. Not only did I NOT lose any weight, I actually ended up gaining and finished the year around 245lbs which for my age and height puts me in the obese category. Not a great way to start off the year. I remember going on a really crazy hike to Inspiration Point in California when I went on a Spiritual Retreat with Western Spirit Ranch and it is so tough because I was so out of shape. I learned a lot about self-compassion on that trip, but it also renewed my commitment to weight loss. I didn’t like being out of breath going upstairs in my own house! At 35 I’m really young to be struggling like that. So after I returned home I planned to get a trainer at my gym and started working with him in February. I also have a rather sedentary job as a writer and spend a lot of time at my desk sitting, so I went out and bought an under the desk bike so I can burn calories while I write. I traded in my Mango-Ritas for a single glass of wine in the evenings (if I want) and I keep myself currently to a 1,700 calorie diet. Since this home quarantine, I’ve been working on doing the 100 push up challenge! I recently did 100 pushups using my stairs to assist with an incline, but now I’m working on doing them all on my knees and from there I’ll work on a full push up! It’s been a fun challenge and actually I think I might set up a bunch of challenges for different body parts so that I am working out throughout the day. I’m also drinking a LOT more water and I’m pleased to say I’m seeing results! As of today, I am 233lbs which means over a 10lb weight loss since the beginning of the year!

First Quarterly Goals Check-In!!! by

Last year I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a blog post a week, but I nailed it. So this year, I set a new goal of blogging three times a week and I am KILLING IT!!!! I’m really so happy about this because this blog is really important to me as a person. It’s my baby in a way and I’m always thinking about what more I can do for it.

As for actual posts, I haven’t missed a day! I pull this off by writing articles about a month (if not more) in advance and sticking for the most part to an editorial calendar that I create at the beginning of every year.

First Quarterly Goals Check-In!!! by

This sounds like such an ambiguous goal but I’ve been doing a lot of research on fun and play as you would know if you read my review on “Play by Stuart Brown”. Play is absolutely essential for me if I want to continue being creative.

As adults, we tend to lose our sense of play. Society even discourages play after a certain age in favor of hard work. However, it’s really important for all areas of your life including your relationships and work! So I’ve been really working on what that means for me. So far this year I’ve gone to California, attended a Spiritual Retreat, spent a day at a Salt Spa, visited Sacred Space, been to New York, attended PAX EAST and even learned how to carve a spoon out of wood (which I’ll post about in the future)! This list is excluding all of the new recipes I’ve been trying as well as how I’ve been trying to cultivate fun within my home routine.

That’s my update so far this year! Not too shabby right? Please let me know in the comments below what you think and how your goals are going so far (don’t be afraid to brag a little!). Also if you’d like to congratulate me, please consider Buying Me a Coffee! Please know that even if you’ve given up on your goals for this year that you’re still a special person and deserve a nice life. I wish you a wonderful day. -Heather Autumn

First Quarterly Goals Check-In!!! by


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