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Five Fabulous Finds for Winter

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

I know you’re probably in the middle of a dozen things right now like buying presents, going to Christmas parties, making cookies, decorating, and there’s traffic and grumpy people and lots of stress.

For a moment in your day, I want to take you away from all that and give you five fun and/or interesting things I’ve found around the web that will hopefully make your day a little better.


Five Fabulous Finds for Winter by

1.) Okay first up is this amazing article about being motivated to stick to your goals during the winter. If you (like me) have some health goals to knock out this year, but find yourself in a bit of a slump when cold weather hits, then perhaps these “Ten Tips from the Pros” will help you stay on track with your new year’s resolution. Number 8 is my personal favorite.

Five Fabulous Finds for Winter by

2.) What is an iconic Christmas decoration, that is built but doesn’t need a builders permit?…. If you answered a gingerbread house, you’re absolutely right! Now at my local grocery store, they sell pre-made homes that you just stick together and decorate with the premade icing, and it even comes with some candy to decorate it with. If you find that you’re feeling a bit more ambitious then you should check out these 45 Amazing Gingerbread Homes! I think the Lebkuchen Gingerbread House looks so detailed and beautiful it would be hard for me to eat it.

Five Fabulous Finds for Winter by

3.) Winter might be only as bad as we make it apparently. My mother suffered from S.A.D otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, and having moved up from Florida to Boston, I feel like I might also suffer from it. I get extremely lethargic. Turns out feeling more sluggish than usual might be your brain performing even better! To read how that even works, check out THIS ARTICLE by The CUT.

Five Fabulous Finds for Winter by

4.) I’ve lived in Boston for 9 years now, and I have to be honest, there’s something sad in taking down the tree after the presents are all opened. There’s now a bald spot in the room and it’s not quite ready to go back to normal. I mean, to be honest here in Boston Massachusetts, we can be seeing snow until the end of April and it can be cold till mid-June (no I’m not even joking). So how do you decorate for those odd months of cold winter that are unrelated to any major holidays? This article from Home Stories should help with their 50 Winter Decorating Ideas!

Five Fabulous Finds for Winter by

5.) I’ve always loved Asia. I think I get it from my mother who loved Chinese buffets and even taught herself how to make stirfry. I’ve been to Malaysia, and Japan so far and I adore them both, but I went during pretty reasonable times of the year. This article about the 11 Reason to Visit Japan in the Winter has me rethinking the next time I want to go. So if you’ve always wondered how the Japanese endure the winter months, this is a must-read for you!

Hopefully, you enjoyed that and learned something fun that you can talk about with your relatives around the table. If you’d like to further discuss this post, drop me a line in the comments below. Finally, if you would like to share your holiday pictures with me, just tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I wish you a Happy Holiday so far and if it’s not going as stress-free as you would like, just hang in there it’s almost over. 🙂 -Heather Autumn

Five Fabulous Finds for Winter by

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