• Heather Green

How I Survive New England Winters

8 years ago my husband and I (with our two cats) all jammed into our car and made the long drive from Tampa Florida to Boston Massachusetts to start a new life. We arrived a week before Christmas and our Christmas tree was one of the first things we unpacked. Several days later we experienced our first Blizzard (the first of four that came by in a row). We were not very well prepared. I can remember shoveling our car in jeans and sneakers. I had grown up in Florida from the age of two and anything under 50 degrees seemed unbearably cold, so that first winter really put the fear of winter in me.

So, how am I doing 8 years later? Better. Much better. Here is what I do to Survive the New England Winters.

7.) Be Social: I am an introvert. Don’t get me wrong. I like interacting with people, but I don’t get anything out of it on an energetic level. I might go to a party and have fun, but there’s part of my soul that is constantly daydreaming of how nice it will be to go home and rest and while some people can feel “recharged” after being social, I often feel drained and need at least a few hours (sometimes as much as a day or two of little human interaction, especially after a big party) to feel good again. So please know I am saying this to myself as well as you that being social during the holidays may feel like a chore, but it’s essential to not slip into depression. You can’t be sad about not having friends if you’re making the choice to not interact with them. So schedule some dinners, brunches, and meetups. Who knows, it might actually be fun!

So those are my compact ways of surviving the New England Winters. Do you have any unique ways of surviving winter in your areas? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to SIGN UP if you want to be notified on future posts!

-Heather Astaneh

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