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How to Make this Candy Corn Garland!

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

What’s better than fixing yourself a mug of hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced latte, and settling down to do a simple craft while watching something spooky. The best thing is this highly edible garland is not only pretty cheap to make, but has a nice impact for windows, or your fireplace mantel.

How to Make this Candy Corn Garland! by

I remember loving Candy Corn as a kid. My sisters and I would stick it between our teeth and lips so it looked like we had strange spikey teeth. I don’t think children have extremely discerning pallets when they are young and any candy tends to taste great…well except those banana shaped runts. I just can’t deal with those. These however were colorful, and fun and looked a little like vampire or monster teeth so the play quality was high. Now, however, as an adult. I can stand eating a small handful just to trigger those happy childhood memories of crips days (which in Florida was something like 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and the smell of leaves I would burn patterns into with a magnifying glass.

I was really happy to see this simple DIY on the Good Housekeeping website and decided I would give it a try. The items needed are fairly straight forward.

How to Make this Candy Corn Garland! by

  1. A bag or two of Candy Corn

  2. A sharp sewing needle (possibly several)

  3. some unflavored, waxed floss

  4. A thimble

  5. Scissors

The assembly is pretty straight forward. String your needle with floss, and slowly press it through the candy corn being careful not to poke yourself. Patients is required for this and I found that if I went too fast the candy would often split. However, once you are done, you can tie a loop onto the ends and hand them above windows, or even decorate your mantel with them. This is not a craft I would recommend for small children because it does involve a needle, but I’m sure they’ll be there to eat the candy should you decided that this craft requires too much patients.

How to Make this Candy Corn Garland! by

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How to Make this Candy Corn Garland! by

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