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How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall

I had this idea while playing around with Snapchat and wishing I had a better background than a blank wall. While this did require some supplies and time to create, it looks amazing and can really perk up any room. I currently have it brightening up my mantel (yes that’s my wedding photo in the picture!), but I’ve also had it as wall decor in my office!

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Also, despite how pretty this is, it’s not a good craft for children as it involves wire cutters and very hot glue.

What you’ll need:

*Scissors or wire cutters

*Hot glue gun and lots of glue

*Foam boards

* Artificial roses


I left it a bit vague on how big to chose your foam board or roses because I want you to have the freedom to pick whatever will fit your space best. I personally used two foam boards I got from Michaels crafts, but you can usually find these in any craft section (be sure to check out the school supplies area as well!). There are all kinds of sizes so I’ll let you be the judge, but you are going to want something that has a foam core that you can push the roses into and it will remain firm the ones featured above are similar to what I got.

How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall by autumnbecomes.me

Next, I got five boxes of artificial roses from Breeze Talk. They were awesome given the price so I highly recommend them. I also liked how their rose petals were made out of a light foam rather than silk.

How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall by autumnbecomes.me

To get started you’re going to want to cut the stem of your rose off. I liked to leave about a quarter-inch, just to have something to anchor into the foam. I actually cut them a bit long just to see how much room I needed to give each individual rose and then cut them even shorter just before I glued them down. However, if you wish to cut the stem completely off, that’s also okay.

How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall by autumnbecomes.me

After that, put a generous amount of hot glue to the back of your rose and stick it to your foam board. Since boards and the kind of roses you select can vary in size, I recommend gluing one entire row of roses at the top. Once that row is finished, glue your second row of roses in between your first row so that they alternate. This will make your boards look fuller and less like you just glued rows of roses in a straight line.

How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall by autumnbecomes.me

This staggering of the roses should help them look nice if you want to interlock them with other boards.

After you’ve finished, you can use some wall adhesives to attach them to wherever you like!

I hope you enjoyed this little craft and that it takes your Valentine’s selfies to that next level! If you want to tell me how it went, please leave a comment below! If you would like to be kept up to date on future posts, be sure to sign up HERE, and lastly, if you would like to connect more with me, please visit my social media pages! Thank you for reading and I wish you a lovely day! -Heather Astaneh

How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall by autumnbecomes.me


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