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My 6 Month Goals Check In

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Hey everyone! Can you honestly believe it’s been six months since the beginning of the year? Who knew that it could be so weird and crazy! I still have my goals and some are working, and some aren’t. As we settle into a new normal, I’m hoping that if you’re struggling with your new year resolutions this post will help you know you’re not alone and there’s still time to make good on what you wished for yourself.


I (like everyone else) had these great plans for this year. This was going to be “My Year” (Because I was born in the year of the rat and it IS the year of the rat) and I was really looking to achieving everything I had planned. I got a trainer at the gym, I had my blog all planned out for the year, and my other goal was to “HAVE MORE FUN!“. So you can imagine how I (along with everyone else) felt when we had to go into lockdown. Trips to the grocery store left me discouraged when I could only have half of the things on my list. I could no longer go to my gym, half of the things I had planned on my blog were now trashed and having fun? Well, that was a challenge all by itself.


Life is actually not too bad and strangely, I’m still achieving the goals I had for myself, just not the way I expected to be achieving them.

Six Month Check-In by

Okay, I haven’t lost much weight. This is a combo of a lot of things: Not having a gym, being more sedentary, having trouble planning a healthy menu, all play a part.

HOWEVER, There’s a LOT OF GOOD NEWS! Weight loss isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s all about getting your mind and your emotions on board and that can take time. If you’re also in the same boat as me, don’t worry, you may not be losing anything, but your mind and desires are starting to align themselves with what you want.

That being said, while I haven’t lost any weight, I HAVEN’T GAINED WEIGHT EITHER!!!! I have been maintaining my weight, which while not ideal, is certainly better than gaining.

I have also bought the Fitbit Charge 4 and I’m having so much fun tracking my water, steps, sleep, and food. This definitely keeps me more mindful of how much I move and what I feed myself throughout the day.

I’ve also been watching a fabulous YouTuber called Sarah’s Day. She’s a holistic health and fitness YouTuber in Austalia, and she is so motivational. I’m currently binge-watching her channel. While I don’t anticipate being as hardcore as her, watching her workouts always leaves me inspired and wanting to get out and move. I also LOVE her food videos because that is a place where I can sometimes struggle. She’s an intuitive eater which means she really listens to her body on what she’s craving and SHE’S A NEW MOMMY!

I’m also slowly adding to our home gym and got these super cute colored resistant bands!

So like I said, just because you might not be losing weight every week, doesn’t mean your mind and heart aren’t changing. It’s nice to see my mind kind of turn towards fitness thinking. Last year, I was not even close to being in alignment. I was like, “I’m going to eat crap because I don’t really deserve to be healthy or worry about my health”. Now I’m like, “you know? I deserve to treat myself better and how would I do that?” So WIN!

Six Month Check-In by

This might sound crazy, but this has actually been the hardest, and yet most rewarding year ever for my blog. Seriously. Maybe it’s because there are more people reading blogs because of being at home, or maybe it’s because I’ve been blogging three times a week and I opened a SHOP. Either way, I’ve met so many wonderful people, I feel like my following on Instagram is really friendly.

ALSO, I’ve reached the 2K Followers mark on my Instagram! THANK YOU!!!!

I’ve been into making more videos on YouTube, and I guess I’d like to know what you all think about this. I am thinking of making more YouTube videos, but I’m finding that it seems like my YouTube channel is pretty quiet. Is it true that Youtube watchers are strictly into Youtube and the blog readers are strictly into reading blogs? I’ll probably continue to make YouTubes because it’s fun, but I will NEVER give up this blog. Seriously, starting this blog for me has been lifesaving. I’m not exaggerating. I use to be so depressed and antisocial and this blog has really bought out the best in me. I also have all of YOU to thank because honestly your comments and love make my day!

Six Month Check-In by

Lastly, I feel like my goal of “Having More Fun” has been going strangely well, despite Covid_19 and lockdowns. I was freaking out (and still kind of freakout) because I had so many fun things to do on my blog, but when COVID hit, a lot of those fun things were affected.

However, what I am learning is that I am really good at creating fun on the fly. Like the other day, I taught myself how to make a flaming cocktail (which I will be posting on in August!) and if I look on my blog and I’m dreading a post, I throw it out and plan something I am excited about.

I will say that not being able to go to the mall, or the beach can get to me, but it’s also good to acknowledge that those are things I would “normally” do and in some way, this is forcing me to go and try other things.

So that’s my life right now! I want to know what you guys think and also what you’re all up to. How are you doing with your goals? How are you feeling? You can either let me know here in the comments below or on my Instagram. Thank you so much for reading and I wish you all a wonderful day! -Heather Astaneh

Six Month Check-In by


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