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My Top 5 Favorite Motivational YouTube Videos

Blogging can be tough. I’ll admit, when I started this, I was hyped up on all six seasons of Sex in the City and the movie Julie and Julia. I had these cute little images in my mind of sitting down at my computer and writing about whatever popped into my head over a coffee, or a glass of wine, and that I’d magically have people reading my blog, sending me stuff, and then before I knew it, I’d have a book deal and a movie out on how I made it all happen!…. I had no idea, how much effort it takes to actually do a blog well or exactly how many hats I’d be wearing.

Currently I am: The content creator (which involves thinking up, buying items for blog pieces, reading and researching and testing all that I post to make sure I write clearly and intelligently about what I’m trying to give my readers), writer, editor, photographer, graphic designer, public relations person, finance department, sales rep, lighting specialist, camera and sound specialist, video editor, and in some cases a public face for when I have to actually show my work on camera such as How to Shuck Oysters, or make Penne Alla Vodka. It can be a packed week, and everything I’m doing revolves around a project or a post that I’ll be putting up.

So I can’t tell you how it can feel sometimes when I tell someone I’m a blogger and they smile sweetly and go “oh that must be nice to work at home, and just write all day”. I smile back because yeah, it is nice, I think back to my happy mental image of “simply blogging” and then reality hits, it’s nice, but I don’t have anyone but myself to blame if things go badly. I don’t have anyone but myself to pawn work off on. I have to own every part of this, and if it fails, that’s on me too… I also have to be able to overcome my naturally introverted side that wants very badly to sit in my house chilling out and writing, to go to events to take pictures, be on camera, or come up to people with a lot of energy and ask them for an interview. I have to do a lot of mental and emotional work for this, and then when I see that for all that work my blog is still too small to be making any money, it can get discouraging, BUT that’s what has created this post.

I Love motivational talks. They keep me going and remind me that it’s not about the destination, but the journey, and that the good things in life NEVER come easily. So below I’ve decided to list my top five motivation videos that I listen to whenever I just want to give up.

1.) COURAGE by TD Jakes

This is a 3: 30-second video that I like to watch or at least listen to once every single day. It reminds me that “It takes courage to be different. It takes courage to go where you’ve never gone before. It takes courage to be successful.”

2.) THROUGH HELL by Epsilon

This is a 7: 02-minute video which covers a lot of topics, from owning your fear of being successful, and owning your feelings of frustration when you’re not successful and using those to push you forward. I believe the title of it comes from the saying that “When you find you’re going through Hell, keep going”. I like to watch this when I’m feeling particularly down about where I’m at or having doubts that what I’m doing is ever going to create the ultimate vision I have for this blog.

3.) WHEN THEY DOUBT YOU by Law of Attraction Coaching

This is a compilation film that is 27:54 seconds long but well worth it. It talks about believing in yourself when no one else will. I think when you put yourself out there as I am starting to do, you can encounter haters. You can have people who don’t like you because you have more ambition than them because you decided that doing what was expected of you and considered “normal” by society’s standards, just didn’t work for you and GAWD FORBID, you be happy going against social norms! When I start to feel bad over what people think of me, I like to watch this video because it reminds me, that their opinions don’t matter. Only how I think of myself matters. It also reminds me that it’s okay to be afraid and it’s even okay to fail, but it is NEVER okay to quit.

4.) Confuse Them With Your Silence and Shock Them With Your Results by Team Fearless

Having a job in social media there’s a lot of pressure to overshare what I’m working on, what I’m doing, what all my goals are, and whether or not I’m meeting them. Sometimes I can even feel guilty for not going and telling everyone what I’m working on, but I like this video because it explains that not everyone needs to know all there is about you. That I can focus more if I build in silence and then the only pressure I have comes from me.

5.) On the Other Side of Suffering is Greatness by David Goggins

This guy is incredible. He had an extremely tough upbringing and then went on to become a Navy Seal and help others deal with personal growth issues. I like this because, for those of you who have been following my blog, I’ve recently gone through a very long process of being stalked and harassed by my towns USPS which you can read about HERE. It’s been tough with an almost daily chance of being abused to feel good about myself or continuing to better myself as I go through this process. However I like to listen to this YouTube because it reminds me that YES, this time in my life hurts, BUT if I keep working hard on myself I’m going to come out the other side of this pain better for it, and NO ONE can take that from me, or say it was because of them I became who I am. I get to own that completely and that really lifts my spirits.

So I hope these videos help and motivate you as they have me. Please feel free to check out my own blossoming YouTube Channel HERE, if you’d like to keep up with future videos I post. If you would like to be notified when I post again please SIGN UP for email notifications and if you would like exclusive content into my life then feel free to follow my social media listed on the sidebar! Have a wonderful day! – Heather Astaneh

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