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Six Month Goals Check-In

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

So it’s been six months since I consistently started going after my goals and blogging regularly. I feel like this is a good time to reflect on my activities and I have to say, for the most part, I’m doing pretty good. I mean the truth is, for six months I could have not been doing anything, and that hasn’t been the case. So I’m pretty happy about that. This quarter has been particularly difficult, but with any goal, there are going to be good and bad times. So here’s my check in on weight loss, my blog, and home.


The scale hasn’t moved much, but then again I haven’t made a focused effort. I recently bought a treadmill for the basement which is something that I’ve been wanting for a while. My problems are more around what I eat than anything. I know how to watch my calories and lose weight, it’s just finding the time to actually cook that is the problem. I’m typically tired in the evening, so I might have to start cooking dinner in the morning and being prepared to heat it up when I want to eat. I keep reminding myself that weight loss is a process and won’t happen overnight.

Weight Loss has a lot to do with how the mind works, how you see yourself, and whether or not you feel deserving of good health. So I would also like to talk about what I’ve learned in terms of mental health that is helping me on my journey. I’ve recently started meditating and I’ve found that helps slow down my reaction to things and makes me a bit more thoughtful. I’ve also discovered a monk named Ajahn Brahm who has made some wonderful talks about different ways to view life and self-issues. It’s been incredibly helpful to listen to, especially when I’m having a bad day.

Blogging has been going exceptionally well! Perhaps this is the reason my weight hasn’t been coming off because I’ve been really investing time here. I’ve recently returned home from a trip to Provincetown for the Pride Festival. I’ll be posting more on that in a 2020 post. I’ve gotten a new follower on MailChimp. I’ve also gained more followers on Instagram. What I’m most proud of though, is how consistent I’ve been with posting. My goal is to have at least all the text written for all posts into 2020. Then it will just be about tweaking it and adding pictures later. A big thank you to those of you who have been following me. I really appreciate it in a big way and don’t hesitate to talk to me in the comments or email me.

Home has been improving though, to be honest now that the weather is nice I’m not home much, and when I am I like to work in my office. It’s improved a massive amount compared to the start of 2018. I think as I build more confidence in my life my home will reflect this. Amin and I have also been getting rid of a lot of things that just aren’t making us happy anymore. Old dishes, old computer stuff, books that are no longer interesting, it’s all leaving. I recently cleaned out the basement (another post for 2020) and it was nice to just let go of things that were in boxes not contributing to the joy in our home. My Grandfather was in the military which meant they had to move a lot and one rule was if you haven’t touched it in a year, it needs to go. I think that’s a bit strict so I’ve changed that to, (if you haven’t looked at it in 2 years, and it’s not something that brings you joy, it might be time to question why it’s still in your home. Too often we keep things because we feel like we have to. I’ve decided that I really want my home to reflect joy so only things that bring me joy are allowed to stay. That’s been huge in purging my home and making it more manageable. I’ll be writing more in the future about how to really examine why we keep certain things, and how to let them go.

So, that’s it. Kind of a short post today, but that’s not bad. Speaking of which, do you like longer posts or shorter ones? Let me know if the comments below! -Heather Autumn

Six Month Goals Check-In


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