• Heather Green

What to do on a Motherless Mother’s Day

I remember when it happened. It was my first year up here in Massachusetts and I was walking through the Macy’s at Burlington Mall when this very sweet middle age lady in the perfume section asked me if I had remembered to get something nice for my mother for Mother’s Day.

It wasn’t her fault. She couldn’t have known that just a year and a handful of months ago I had been at my mother’s funeral.

I smiled though and told her that I already got my mother something really nice and thanked her. I lied….because I didn’t know what else to say…this was mother’s day, without my mother.

This is another one I have tried and love. I bought balloons in pink and a carnation. I tied the carnation to the balloons and released it. It was nice seeing it float up into the sky with my little gift.

Has this helped you? If you tried any of these or you have another way to remember your mother on Mother’s day, feel free to talk about it in the comments or tag me on your Instagram posts! If you would like to be notified when I post again please SIGN UP for email notifications and if you would like exclusive content into my life then feel free to follow my social media’s listed on the sidebar! – Heather Astaneh


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