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What You Need to Know About Tonight’s Full Moon!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Tonight is a Full Moon! The moon has always been a mysterious part of humanity. There are so many thoughts and ideas about how it influences us. It’s symbolic of a lot of things, like sleep, our dream states, our psychology, the parts of our personality we like to hide or ignore, and it’s traditionally a time to reflect on how our month has been and what we need to let go of to proceed into a better part of our lives. It can play a huge roll in goalsetting and understanding yourself better if you know what to look for and the aim of this post is to help you understand a little bit more about the big glowing nightlight in the sky.


I want to ease some fears in saying that NOTHING can tell your future. I’m bringing this up because I use to believe that you shouldn’t look at Tarot, or the Zodiac because “what if you find out something about your future that you don’t like!”. The future is ever-moving and being created by you and those around you. It’s impossible with things like free will to really say for certain what the future holds. The Tarot and Zodiac can offer insight into why you might be feeling certain things, or how you might be thinking, but it’s up to you to explore that and consider what that means for yourself long term. So please know that everything brought up in this article is merely for you to think about and consider. It’s up to us to give meaning and significance to everything, we think, hear, feel and this is no different.

Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Full Moon by

We give meanings to EVERYTHING. It’s how we understand the world. We like to name and categorize things. As I’ve learned more about different belief systems I’m starting to see how much we use symbols and rituals to connect with our own psychology. As I said above the moon comes out at night. It’s secret. The light it shines illuminates the darkness ever so little and allows us to see what we normally can’t. For that reason, it’s no wonder it would play a big part in belief systems as well as helping us describe our own “dark side”.

Back in the day, people also used the Moon to mark certain events in nature. For example, this is what they call a “Worm Moon” which sounds creepy and gross, but it’s actually the first full moon at the very start of Spring when the Earthworms start to wake up and move around. As someone who has stated numerous times their hatred for Massachusetts winters, the worm moon signal that spring is just around the corner! Another name for it is the “Sap Moon” because this is the time when the sap in maple trees starts to move which is another sign that beautiful Spring is close.

Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Full Moon by

In the Tarot, there is a card called “The Moon”. It features a full moon, two towers, a dog and a wolf both howling at it, a path and a crayfish half out of a pond. These all have psychological meanings. The dog and the wolf represent our tame and wild natures. The pond represents the watery nature of our deep thoughts. The crayfish coming out of the pool symbolizes our consciousness which can be very conscious or submerged (subconscious). The Moon in the Tarot is about anxiety, fear, illusion, subconscious, releasing fears, illusion, intuition, repressed emotions and inner confusion. Basically all the things we as people like to pretend we don’t see. It’s all about the duality of our nature, and a time to look at our deeper thoughts.

In the Zodiac, the Moon can mean even more depending on when and where you were born. The moon in your zodiac represents your emotions and inner mood. For example, my sun sign is in Libra, while my moon sign is in Capricorn. For me, I find that I am most like my moon sign mentally. I think very deeply about things. I have a tendency to hold onto traditional beliefs and I can be really stubborn. If you also have your moon sign in Capricorn, you might want to look at THIS really cool article I found about what that means.

Tonight’s full moon is in Virgo. I’m still learning about the sign and what they mean, but I found that this YouTube Video from Esoteric Healing does a really good job of explaining the feelings that are brought out.

Not only is the moon full tonight, but it is what is called a Supermoon. What this means is that it’s full during a time where it’s very close to Earth on its orbit. It’s believed that Supermoon’s can intensify feelings and cause people to feel a bit chaotic. It’s important during full moons, in general, to take that into account and pay special attention to how you are taking care of yourself.

I like to take note of moon phases. I like to track my goals with the start of a full moon and review how things went on a full moon. I also like to make an effort to bring the symbolic into reality by doing little things that help me make a point of either thinking about what good I want to have happen to me during the new moon and what I can release during the full.

Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Full Moon by

1.) Learn about what is being attributed to this moon: I really enjoy listening to Esoteric Healing because I feel like he gives an honest and educational understanding of what’s going on that’s balanced. Then I think about it and what it means to me.

2.) Charge my crystals: I am still fairly new to crystals, but I have heard that it’s good to set them out during new and full moons so I do. I personally haven’t felt a connection to them yet, but I do like to think that the effort of caring for something, even if it’s a rock is good.

3.) Sage and bless my home. Again, I am still learning about these things, but everything is psychological. Even churches sometimes burn incense or candles to mark significance. Engaging our senses allows us to get our minds into a certain place that lets in new experiences. If you don’t believe me, look at how many senses are engaged the next time you walk into a Halloween haunted mansion, or when you go on a special trip. Usually, you can remember what you ate, how it sounded, what your surroundings were like, how the weather was, and stuff like that.

Burning sage and walking around my home sets my mind that I create my reality. I have a say in what happens within my home. I also pray while doing this and ask God to bless my house and allow only things that are good for me in.

4.) Set positive intentions and think deeply on my thoughts and what they mean: The new moon is all about creating new things, and the full moon is all about being thankful for the good that happened, and releasing and working through what either didn’t happen or we didn’t like. I like planning goals during this time. So if it’s the new moon I will usually write down what I want to have happened or a goal I want to focus on. If it’s the full moon, I try to be thoughtful about what I want to release whether that’s a bad habit or attitude.

I do this because for me it’s nice to think that the flow of life is supporting my actions. Of course, you can set goals whenever you like, but it’s said that if you do anything for 30 days it becomes a habit, and I like to think that even nature supports that.

Full moons are also a great time to think about the things that scare you to see if they are attached to an old belief system that is no longer serving you. For example, let’s say you really wanted to start a new job or creative endeavor, but you just can’t seem to get started or motivated. This would be a good time to ask yourself if thoughts like “What if I fail”, or “I’m just not meant to make money” is holding you back. Sometimes admitting to a fear is enough to start to move past it.

5.) Take a Warm Bath: I feel like baths have always had a kind of spiritual experience. You could equate them with being back in the womb again, and being surrounded by warm water and being “born again”. It’s nice to think that as I wash off physically, I am also mentally able to reset.

I really make a ritual out of this too. I’ll play some soft zen-like music (YouTube is great for that), I burn some Sandlewood incense (which is linked with your sacral chakra which is all about enjoying pleasure of all kinds), I’ll pick some crystals that are okay with water like clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz and I’ll set them on the edge of the bath, but not in. I’ll pick out a great bath bomb, sometimes I’ll make myself a luxurious glass of champagne and raspberries or a delicious tea, and I’ll light some candles in my little pink Himalayan salt candle holder. If I’m feeling a bit antsy, I’ll also pick out a nice uplifting self-help book, or go on some of my favorite spiritual sites and read. Usually, after one of those baths, I’m super relaxed.

6.) Meditate: The significance of meditation is immense. Science has shown all kinds of benefits which you can read about HERE. For me, whether I’m making a new goal or trying to release a mindset that doesn’t support my success, meditation helps. Also, know that there are ALL KINDS of ways to meditate. I personally like to use a Mala Necklace that I made for myself to keep myself gently focussed on my breath or any affirmations I’ve chosen.

7.) Burning white or black candles Lastly, Every now and then I like to burn a white or black candle during these times to signify purity and cleansing of my thoughts and intentions and even the room in which it’s burning. It can be symbolic of cleansing your entire house if that is the intention you wish to give it. Candles are used in all kinds of meditations and religions, even the Catholic church lights candles to pray. In all cases, they are symbolic of a constantly held intention or prayer.

I hope that as you look up at that big glowing ball in the sky tonight, that you think a little differently about it, and maybe a little differently about yourself and how you think. That moon was here long before us and will be here long after us. It’s the most ancient thing we can see, and if anything, doesn’t that communicate something constant about what brought us into existence?

If you liked this post, or if you have any thoughts or plans about this moon, please let me know in the comments below. I enjoy talking to my readers and learning more about what you have to say. Please also feel free to share this and don’t be afraid to connect with me on my social media. I wish you the very best this month has to bring. May all your intentions and wishes benefit you. Have a wonderful day, or in this case night! -Heather Autumn

Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Full Moon by


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