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Ajahn Brahm Advice to Live By

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

This Covid_19 Pandemic has got us all stuck in the house and it’s times like now where there’s a tendency to get a bit scared and soul searchy. If you have found that you’re in this place and looking for something to watch that might soothe your fears a bit, I highly suggest reading on.


I am no stranger to depression and anxiety. I can remember having my first anxiety attack when I was about seven. I come from a long line of worriers and hypochondriacs as well. I might one day talk about how I was able to move past that, but for now, in this space, I’d like to talk to you about someone I’ve been watching and really enjoying. His name is Ajahn Brahm. I discovered him during a really tough time in my life and not only was his voice soothing, and his jokes are so bad that you kind of have to laugh at them, but he was able to put into perspective a lot of fears and I often felt better after listening to him.

Ajahn Brahm Advice to Live By by

Ajahn Brahm was born to a middle-class family in London. He went to school and got a degree in theoretical physics. He then went into teaching high schoolers a year before deciding to become a monk (which to anyone who has taught high schoolers before can relate to). He decided to become a Buddhist monk. He was expecting to spend a lot of time meditating in caves, but he now travels the world giving talks on all kinds of topics from how to deal with anxiety to how to cope with old age and death.

Below are some links to my favorite talks of his. If you wish to discuss them with me, please leave me a comment below and I’ll respond! I hope these videos bring you some comfort and make your day a little brighter. -Heather Autumn

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