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Boston Anime Convention

Today on Autumn Becomes Me Vlog, I'm going to take you to see Anime Boston!!!


Anime Boston was held in the Hynes Convention Center which is connected to the Prudential Center Mall. Anime Boston features all things ANIME, from manga, to cosplayers, there was an arcade room and even ramen! Come with me to explore three levels of fun and indulge your Wee-a-boo self!

Shout out to: Liz O'Connor :

Millie BarkHorn of Sweet Mildred :

The Pastel Fix (where I got my bunny sweater) :

If you'd like to check out my social media platforms for behind-the-scenes life-stuff see the links below:

I hope you liked this fun trip into the world of Anime with me! I had so much filming this, and I look forward to posting more next week. Have a wonderful day! - Heather Autumn

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