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Crystal of the Month: Black Opal

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

October is my birth month, so of course, I grew up getting opals. I always thought of them as pearly white with little flecks of color. Then I learned about the Australian Fire Opal which was way more my style with bright flashes of color. Then, last month, I learned about the Black Opal which is similar to the fire opal but with a black background that makes me think of nebulas floating in space. It’s a GORGEOUS crystal. The truth is though, it has it’s own metaphysical properties which I had no idea about, so I’m going to share them with you.


Crystal of the Month: Black Opal by

I think this crystal is extremely fitting for October. All those colors set against a black backdrop makes me think of all the costumes set against the night sky as I see people Trick-or-Treat. This crystal isn’t all love and lollipops either. Just like the term Trick-or-Treat, this stone has a habit of amplifying what your intentions are, so it’s advised that when using this you should focus on what you WANT as opposed to what you DON’T WANT.

Crystal of the Month: Black Opal by

This stone is said to be great for the first and seventh chakra. The first chakra is red in color and located at the base of the spine. It’s all about safety and being grounded. Often times if you have anxiety this is the chakra that is out of balance. The Crown chakra is located at the very top of your head and is associated with the color purple, It’s about higher states of consciousness, realization, and release from limiting thought patterns and overall connection with the formless and limitless. Because Black Opal links the root and the crown chakras, it connects your highest spiritual aspirations with your body. Meaning in some ways it makes your dreams reality. If you want to live a happier more positive life, yet find that you for whatever reason can’t seem to make that happen, this crystal might help.

On an emotional level, Black Opal is a positive crystal in helping dissolve feelings of depression and hopelessness. As someone who struggles with depression, oftentimes my mind can want better for me, but if I’m struggling with depression, it can all feel too sad, and hopeless. It’s easy to feel like my anxiety, or sadness is going to be my entire life. This crystal again links the root chakra and body with the mind and the things you want for yourself. So, that’s why it’s associated with helping alleviate depression.

Crystal of the Month: Black Opal by

It can also bring deep feelings to the surface for examination. While this can be scary at first, understanding why you might feel a certain way can facilitate healing and letting it go. For example, I was raised in a home where that was very strict, judgemental, and not very forgiving. So it’s no wonder that I project that stuff onto others. However, I have started to realize that understanding that part of my childhood and that my parents projected a lot of their issues onto me, and while seeing that was upsetting, it helped me to release that and understand that I don’t have to be so harsh just because my family was.

This is also a great protection crystal. It can protect against your own personal negative feelings, as well as the negative feelings of others. It’s believed to give courage to those who hold themselves back in life because of fear.

Again, I can’t help but think about Halloween. You have to go out and face possibly scary situations to get the candy! This crystal is similar. It helps you go through the darkness of your mind, and the world around you to reap the reward of experience and confidence. This crystal helps you to get curious and feel empowered if you’re looking to face your fears.

Crystal of the Month: Black Opal by

When Meditating with this crystal it’s good to focus on what you want since it will amplify those feelings. I like to think back to times in my life when I felt happy, empowered, strong, confident, creative, and just excited to exist in the world around me. I try to bring those emotions from the past into the present and remind myself that I can feel those feelings again. If I’m feeling negative I like to pretend that those emotions get sucked out of me into the black hole that is Black Opal. Once those negative feelings feel gone, I like to cover it over with the things I DO want to feel in my life for the day. After I meditate with it, I either cleanse the stone in sage, palo santo, or under lukewarm water. This Crystal is also known as the Death and Rebirth Stone. This can sound scary, but some things need to die, like our fears, and limiting beliefs about ourselves or the world around us. Black Opal is believed to help you allow those things to die and facilitate the energy the leave behind to become something more useful to you.

Crystal of the Month: Black Opal by

Some say that Opal isn’t linked to any Zodiac while other sources say it’s linked to Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra, and the maternal side of Cancer. Considering it’s always been my birthstone for the month of October and I’m a Libra I’m going to go with that, but the fact that it’s linked to so many Zodiacs makes me think that in general, it’s just a useful stone. A bit like Halloween, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can still benefit from getting dressed up and going out for fun.

I hope this was a fun read for you. Even if you don’t believe that crystals can help you, it’s still fun to learn what people believe they can do. They’re also gorgeous to look at in my opinion. If you would like to be notified of future posts, please be sure to SIGN UP HERE. Also, if you love crystals, you should check out my SHOP. I feature crystal Malas hand made by yours truly. Lastly, I wish you a beautiful October day. May you enjoy the change of seasons, the colors of the trees, and the crisp air. -Heather Astaneh

Crystal of the Month: Black Opal by

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