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Five Fabulous Finds for February

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

This month I have searched the internet for some of the coolest things in regards to love. This contains articles from everything from the history of lingerie, to how well the Welsh know how to spoon! So even if you didn’t find this month particularly romantic, perhaps you’ll find it a bit more educational.


Five Fabulous Finds for February by

1.) As much as we would like to think the world is in love on Valentine’s, that’s only half true for many Asian countries. On Valentine’s, it’s the girls who give chocolates to their interests and a MONTH later on March 14 the men are expected to return the favor! To read more about this check out this article by Forbes.

Five Fabulous Finds for February by

2.) I personally don’t believe that soulmates are real. HOWEVER, this article by Psychology Today helped explain that soulmates aren’t as much found as they are created. Which I think gives hope to all relationships out there, not just the ones that are perfect.

Five Fabulous Finds for February by

3.) Lingerie is not so much designed as engineered. THIS article by Mashable talks about how simple pieces of fabric to flatten women’s chests, turned into a 30 Billion dollar industry. It’s not a boring article by far (how can Lingerie be boring?!?!) and the next time you go out to pick up a sexy set, you’ll appreciate all the history behind it!

Five Fabulous Finds for February by

4.) The Welsh Really Know How to Spoon, and by spoon, I mean making gorgeous wooden love spoons. They’re fashioned out of wood and seriously look like something from Rivendale in Lord of the Rings. You can read all about them and even watch the VIDEO HERE!

Five Fabulous Finds for February by

5.) Why is Cupid usually shown as this little baby with wings and a bow and arrow? What’s his back story? Did he ever grow up? DID HE EVER FIND LOVE? Get all of your burning questions answered in this interesting Wikipedia article I found that will set the record straight.

Regardless of how this month has played out for you, I hope these articles made you blush, smile and learn something interesting that you can talk about on your next night out. If you want to talk more about it, please leave a comment below! I really enjoy talking to my readers. Also, if you like what you see, please Sign up for an email notification when I post new content. I promise not to spam up your inbox with useless emails about nothing. Lastly, I hope no matter where you are, single, in a relationship, married, or even the dreaded “It’s complicated” I hope you find happiness here on my blog. I honestly mean that. If I can give you a moment of relief to dream and have fun then I’m happy. I truly wish you a beautiful day. -Heather Autumn

Five Fabulous Finds for February by

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