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Five Fabulous Finds for January

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Welcome to Five Fabulous Finds. This is a once a month post where I bring you five interesting (and possibly unrelated) things I’ve found while scanning the internet that I think you all either might like to read or buy! The focus here is for January so if you’re looking for some topics to check out while you wait out a snowstorm or warm up by a fire, this is the place!


January is a difficult month. It’s cold. People are all bundled up, it’s hard to go outside and if you’re trying to watch what you eat it can feel a bit punishing after a month of eating treats. However, I hope these articles (and items) provide you a little emotional boost and help you feel better.

Five Fabulous Finds for January by

1.) 15 Ways to Live Authentically and Amazingly

I feel like I hear people talk about living authentically all the time, but it hard to do. I’ve been working with a therapist to do this, so I can say with confidence that everything on this list is stuff she’s told me to try. I suggest if you want to go down a self-care rabbit hole to do even more research on the “15 Ways to Live Authentically and Amazingly” here in this article. It’s one thing to say you need to open your heart and doing it!

Five Fabulous Finds for January by

2.) 40 Insane Ice Sculptures

Ice is for my drinks and that’s about it. I am not good at ice skating (yet) and it’s annoying when it freezes the doors of my car shut. HOWEVER, some people take ice and the art of ice sculptures to the next level. This article on these “40 Insane Ice Sculptures” gave me a whole new appreciation for solid water.

Five Fabulous Finds for January by

3.) These Mermaid Reading Socks by Barns and Noble

Do you know how sometimes you make an in impulse purchase and the next day you regret it? This is not one of those stories. I was standing in line at my local Barns and Noble and I saw these in all their pastel and sparkly glory and I had to buy them. They are called “Mermaid Reading Socks” and I DO NOT REGRET MY PURCHASE. They are incredibly soft, keep my feet incredibly warm and when I see them, I have to smile because they are gorgeous. I feel pampered to the max wearing these. It’s PERFECT for those cold days where you have time to curl up with a hot tea or chocolate and either read or binge-watch your favorite show. 10 out of 10 would buy again!

Five Fabulous Finds for January by

4.) 17 Arse-Kicking Strategies to Stick to Your Diet and Get Fit”

One of the most popular new year’s goals made is to lose weight, yet a lot of people hardly ever to stick to it. I found this FANTASTIC article on Zen Habits (a favorite site of mine) called “17 Arse-Kicking Strategies to Stick to Your Diet and Get Fit“. I liked this article because it isn’t so strict that you can’t have your favorite foods now and then. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation to get fit, this article is for you.

Five Fabulous Finds for January by

5.) 20 Things Everyone Should Do this Winter to Make this the Best Winter Yet

This was SUCH A GREAT ARTICLE!!!! For those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time, you know how much I loathe the winter months. So when I found this article, it reminded me that there is still a functional life outside my house. You need to check out “20 Things Everyone Should Do this Winter to Make this the Best Winter Yet” I don’t want to give anything away, but guess who is heading to her local Fine Arts Museum ASAP!

Five Fabulous Finds for January by

I hope these links were as entertaining for you as they were for me! I love chatting with my readers, so feel free to leave a comment below, and if you’d like to connect with me on social media, please don’t hesitate to visit my social media list in my sidebar. I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t let the cold weather keep you down! -Heather Autumn

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