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Five Fabulous Finds for June

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

This is your Five Awesome Finds for June! These are articles that I find throughout the month that I think are either, helpful, informative, entertaining, or just plain fun. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and by the way, number 3 was incredibly helpful during this time especially.


Five Fabulous Finds for June by

1.) Cats don’t perceive things the same as humans. They might actually think you have more rooms to your home than you actually do, simply because it has two doors they can enter through. I even read a story about a cat who thought the house had two kitchens because it had two doors that connected to two different rooms. So he would check his food bowl in the kitchen and then leave and come in through the other door to see if his food bowl was empty in the “Other Kitchen” as well. If you own a cat, there’s a chance that it has a weird way of looking at and thinking about its surroundings. As a cat owner myself, I found this article to be really interesting.

Five Fabulous Finds for June by

2.) I like things that are a little creepy, but not scary and the Youtube channel run by The Proper People really scratches that itch. This group explores abandoned theme parks, hospitals, malls, and military buildings. The music is a bit ominous, but this is about exploring a space, not being startling. Nothing jumps out, there’s nothing “scary” except the vibe that abandoned things covered in mold and being reclaimed by the earth can give off. I LOVE watching them explore and I also love that they respect the space by not destroying or taking anything from the places they are investigating. You can watch them HERE.

Five Fabulous Finds for June by

3.) We’ve been dealing with the Covid Quarantine for a while now, and while most of us had high hopes of doing home workouts and accomplishing lots of goals, some of us have found ourselves sleeping our days away and having NO energy. This is now being called “Quarantine Fatigue”, it’s real and there are ways to cope. This article explains what it is and what you can do about it!

Five Fabulous Finds for June by

4.) Chernobyl was a city in Russia that experienced a nuclear disaster that left many fleeing leaving their lives (and their animals) behind. This article talked about how not only is nature starting to reclaim the area, but surprising scientists who believed it couldn’t support life with a variety of animals. I also found out that you can adopt a Chernobyl puppy where are descendants of abandoned pet dogs left behind. You can read all about it HERE.

Five Fabulous Finds for June by

5.) We are emotional beings. Most people (including myself) experience a range of emotions every day that influence our choices. During these times at home, everything from sadness to anger can be felt, but what can those emotions really tell us about ourselves. This article lists 19 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do, so they can make the best choices informed by their emotions, rather than reacting to how they feel.

I really loved these articles and learned a lot from them. So whether you’re considering getting a Chernobyl Puppy or Understanding why you might feel more tired than usual, I hope these articles in the very least gave you something fun and interesting to talk about with your friends and family! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you want to chat about any of these (besides I like connecting with my followers). Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day. -Heather Astaneh

Five Fabulous Finds for June by

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