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How To Get These Winter Wonderland Nails

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

The holiday season is over, but that doesn’t mean your nail game has to go with it! Winter is in full swing, and you can either have fun and celebrate it or hibernate till spring. These nails celebrate the season you’re in and make a happy attempt to embrace it. Hopefully, they’ll give your heart a little warm feeling every time you see them!


When I decided to write this, I was honestly not sure how to design a nail that was elegant and not Christmas-like. It’s January and it’s cold and winter is in full swing here in Massachusetts. I’m still learning how to decorate post-holidays and it’s hard to find that balance between Christmas decore and Winter decor.

So I was really happy when I was inspired by flannel sheets. They’re not always Christmas-themed, and they seem to have prints that are very appropriate for post-holiday decorations. I found the dark forest green I used almost warm looking next to the white sparkles, and the white pattern of the pines. I think these nails balance glamor and rustic, and celebrate the beauty of what winter is!

How To Get These Winter Wonderland Nails by

*Nail Clippers

*Nail File

*Orange stick

*Cuticle cutters

*O.P.I Ridge Filler

*O.P.I “Envy the Adventure” (or any other forest green nail polish lacquer)

*O.P.I “Alpine Snow” (or any other heavily pigmented nail polish or lacquer)

*MoYou London “Festive #06

*MoYou London Crystal Clear Nail Stamper

*Any kind of silver sparkle nail polish or lacquer (I actually used some generic sparkle polish I got at a little store at the mall).

*Nail art brush

*O.P.I Top Coat

*Nail Polish Remover


*Cotton Balls

I favor O.P.I products, but you can use any nail polish that is heavily pigmented. Usually, stamps don’t work because the polish that was used needs several layers to be true to the color in the bottle. I’ve found with O.P.I goes on really well in one to two layers.

How To Get These Winter Wonderland Nails by

1.) The first step is to always start off with a clean area (I like to work on paper towels) and clean nails. So be sure to take off any old nail polish, cut and shape your nails as you like and don’t forget to clean up the cuticles.

2.) I LOVE using O.P.I Ridge Filler. It just makes the polish go on so smoothly and lay flat. So I put that on all nails (you can skip the full sparkle one though).

3.) Pick and paint your sparkle accent nail.

4.) Next, I painted all nails (except the sparkle accent nail) in the O.P.I “Envy the Adventure”.

How To Get These Winter Wonderland Nails by

5.) After my nails are dry, I get out the “Festive #06” Nail stamping plate from MoYou London. These plates are awesome. Using the O.P.I. White Snow and the MoYou London Crystal Clear Nail Stamper and Scraper I take the lines, stars and pines stamp for two nails on each hand (preferably on either side of my sparkle nail.

6.) For the two blank green nails, I like to take the same sparkle polish for my accent nail and paint it at my cuticle with my nail art brush and pull it down so that it has an ombre effect going from my cuticle to about halfway on my nail and allowing the green to peek through.

How To Get These Winter Wonderland Nails by

7.) Cover your beautiful nails in a clear topcoat to protect your design.

I have to say, I don’t always love the nail art I do, but these are my absolute favorites. They are SO ready for Instagram and every time I look at them, I get that warm fuzzy feeling, I think everyone should have in the middle of winter.

How To Get These Winter Wonderland Nails by

If you love this look, don’t be afraid to tell your friends! Also if you want to let me know how it went, talk to me in the comments below! I love connecting with my readers. If you want me to check out your Instagram or Facebook photos, please just tag me. I hope these nails warm your winter hearts a little and you had fun. As always, have a wonderful winter, and a beautiful day! -Heather Autumn

How To Get These Winter Wonderland Nails by


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