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How to Make a Healthy Aussie Breakfast

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to share a little about what I learned about healthy eating during my trip to Australia. I went to Canberra, then Sydney, and even had a chance to scope out the local beach bodies on Bondi. Let me tell you when it comes to healthy eating and living these guys have it down. The beaches start filling up at 5 in the morning with runners, people doing yoga, swimmers, and even some high-intensity interval training. While there I was looking for a cookbook to bring home and the person helping me said that Vegetarian and Vegan cookbooks are their top sellers.


As any good social media contributor does, I made sure to take a picture of everything I ate. This breakfast I’m about to show you, however, was pretty easy to recreate and I felt good eating it. So as my first Foodie Friday post of the year, let’s get it started with a healthy breakfast!

Last year at this time I had recently returned from a trip with my husband to Australia. Spiritually and emotionally, it was a really healing experience and I even have three blog posts about it HERE, HERE and HERE.

I think one aspect that helped me feel cared for was what I ate while I was there. The two places I visited was the capital of Canberra and of course Sydney. My first meal was breakfast in Canberra at a restaurant called “Maple and Clove” which I highly suggest visiting. I hate there every morning since it was one of the few places within walking distance of our hotel that was open for breakfast.

My first meal was called “Fresh Start”. It came with toast, eggs, tomatoes, smoked salmon, avocados and chive ricotta. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! So naturally not only did I have to take a picture of it for my Instagram, but I wanted to take it home…It was simple enough with fresh ingredients. First morning Amin and I landed back in Boston Massachusetts I knew I had to start trying my hand at making this.

Ingredients for 1 serving:

*1-2 slices of smoked salmon

* 1/4 of an avocado cut into slices

* Wedge of lemon

* High-Quality grain bread (toasted)

* 1-2 eggs

* Ricotta

* 1 ripe Roma (or plum) Tomato, cut into slices

Directions: Most of this is pretty easy. Toast the toast, slice the avocado, quarter the lemon, and arrange 1 to slices of the smoked salmon on a plate. Unfortunately, I was unable to figure out how they made their ricotta but putting a little honey on regular ricotta will still work with this dish. Also make sure to slice the fresh tomato, adding a little salt and pepper for flavor.

The hard part of this dish was the poached egg, so that will be the focus of this post.

1.) Fill a small sauce pot with water, about an inch or two from the rim. Add a tablespoon or two of vinegar to the water. (This will help your egg stay together.

2.) Over Medium heat, bring the water to a simmer (you should have small bubbles starting to gather on the sides and bottom of the plate and rise to the surface. You don’t want your water to boil because that will be way too hot and you won’t have a soft runny yolk.

3.) Once your water starts to reach this state, crack a fresh egg into a small bowl. Take a spoon and stir the water until a little whirlpool or a water vortex is created in the center of the pot. Slowly spill your raw egg into the center of this vortex, the spinning of the water will help the yolk stay in the center of the pot and the egg whites will be swirled around it. Cover the pot with a lid, turn the heat off but do not remove the pot. Set a timer for 5 minutes and do not remove the lid, or harass the egg in any way during this time. You can read what I read to learn how to do this with step by step pictures HERE. Once the timer is done, take a slotted spoon and remove the egg! It should be wobbly. I like to take a paper towel to dry off the bottom through the slotted spoon a bit, but after that, you can just gently push it onto your plate and you’re breakfast is ready!

It has everything from healthy oils from the salmon and avocado, dairy from your ricotta, carbs and even a serving of fresh fruit with the sliced Tomato (yep, a tomato is a fruit). It’s a hearty breakfast that will not only give you the energy to start your day but because you’ve eaten a substantial breakfast, it will prevent you from binge eating when lunch comes around. It’s also a great way to start the day by honoring yourself first with a nice breakfast.

If you would like exclusive content into my life then feel free to follow my social media’s listed on the sidebar. I hope this is at least getting your breakfast off to a healthy start for the new year. Have a wonderful day! -Heather Autumn


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