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How to Make this Christmas Pot-Pourri

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

The smell of Christmas is a very distinct one. For me, it’s evergreens, boxes containing old Christmas ornaments, hot chocolate, and Christmas scented candles. This pot-pourri is bound to bring back old Christmas memories as well as make some new ones. It’s simple to make and the ingredients are probably things you have on hand anyway! So while you get ready to put up your tree and wrap presents put a pot of this on the stove!


I love pot-pourri. Regular potpourri tends to be extremely strong-smelling, and then after a while, it loses its smell and gets dusty and unattractive looking. I also associate it with elderly people bathrooms (thanks to my grandmother). Pot-pourri’s have that delightful “something delicious is cooking” smell without being artificial. I also like the process, of cutting up items, adding them to a pot, and mixing them together to create a delightful smell that manages to go through the whole home. If you want more cloves you can add them. If you want more citrus you can add it. You can personalize the smell to your preference which is something you certainly can’t do with a regular bagged potpourri. So without further delay, here’s my favorite Christmas pot-pourri.

How to Make this Christmas Pot-Pourri by

  1. One Orange Sliced

  2. 2 Cinnamon Sticks broken in half

  3. 1/2 cup of whole cranberries

  4. 1 teaspoon whole cloves

  5. 4 cups of water (more for refilling the pot as needed)

How to Make this Christmas Pot-Pourri by

Slice the oranges, and put everything into a large saucepot with water. Bring the contents to boiling, and then lower to medium-low to simmer. As the water evaporates add more water to the pot, and as usual don’t leave things like this unattended.

I like to put one of these pots on while my husband and I put up Christmas decorations. It’s just the perfect thing to get us in the holiday mood. If you’d like to be notified of future posts like this one please be sure to SIGN UP HERE. Also if you’re still doing your Christmas shopping, check out my SHOP! I hope this makes your home smell delicious and puts you in the holiday spirit. Thank you so much for reading! -Heather Astaneh

How to Make this Christmas Pot-Pourri by


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