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Mani and Me Zodiac Nail Box!

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Long winter nights mean a lot of time for stargazing! This is something that our ancestors have done since the beginning of time. I remember a few times where I’d be outside with my mother and she would point out the Big Dipper, or Orion’s belt. If you’re still fascinated by the constellations like me, you’re going to love this month’s Maniology box!


Mani and Me Zodiac Nail Box! by

While this isn’t Christmas themed, I liked it because I realized how much I’ve learned about my zodiac this year! During 2020, I’ve had time to be really introspective and learn a lot about myself. I’ve learned about the other signs in my birth chart in addition to my Sun sign of Libra! I learned that with a Capricorn Moon and a Taurus rising, I am a very “earthy” air-sign. I also have a lot of planets in the moody sign of Scorpio and a lot of my personal work this year was all about making sure my emotions didn’t overwhelm me.

Learning about my zodiac was a really positive and helpful thing for me so seeing this zodiac-themed box from Maniology got me super excited.

Mani and Me Zodiac Nail Box! by

In this box I got the following:

I got two nail polishes: Retrograde which is a barely-there shimmery blue polish and Sticky Black which takes longer to dry allowing you to use powder shimmers, and foils to enhance it!

I also got a golden shimmer powder to try with my Sticky Black called “Sun Sign”

In addition to a cute Maniology sticker, I got two zodiac inspired nail plates. (Maniology MXM045 and Maniology MXM46)

Mani and Me Zodiac Nail Box! by

  1. To get this look, I started as usual with clean nails and a layer of O.P.I Ridge Filler to help the polish go on nice and smooth.

  2. Next, I did two coats of the blue polish Retrograde. I LOVED how it kind of shows up and disappears. A retrograde for those of you who don’t know is when I planet looks like it changes the direction of its orbit. This is an optical illusion for planets, but for this nail polish, the disappearing and then reappearing color made me smile at the reference.

  3. Using the Sticky Black, I quickly picked up a few of the designs I loved (the star theme and my sun sign of Libra), and I placed them on the appropriate nails.

  4. I did try to use the glitter powder Sun Sign, but I don’t think I really mastered the technique. I want to keep trying though and that’s the nice thing about these boxes, is that I would never think to try a powder on my nails, but now I’m able to without feeling like I wasted my money.

  5. I covered everything in a clear coat to protect the design.

Mani and Me Zodiac Nail Box! by

I highly recommend checking out Maniology. Their boxes are reasonably priced and they have a lot of other plates, stickers, glitters, polishes, and more. If you do decide to buy something from them, be sure to use AUTUMN10 at checkout which will give you 10% regular priced items!

The box I’m featuring here is currently available to order! Maniology kindly gave me this one a bit early so you can check it out and see if it inspires you! So if you like it, please be sure to place an order for it!

Naturally, if you liked reading this post and would like to be informed of further posts, please be sure to SIGN UP HERE. If you wanna tell me what sign you are, let me know in the comments below! As always, thank you so much for reading, I hope you had fun, and I wish you a beautiful day! -Heather Astaneh

Mani and Me Zodiac Nail Box! by



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