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Return to the Salem Night Faire in Salem Massachusetts

Back by very popular demand, with almost 7 thousand views, we'll be returning to the spooky Salem Night Faire, just in time for Halloween too! Unlike last time, I brought some cash to get up close and personal with some of the creepy monsters and demons there.


The food and vendor selection this year was top-notch. I'll take you to meet some of the vendors and also take a bite out of the Glizzy Bordan!

Check out some of the vendor shops below!:

Velvet Apparition:

Elder Sisters Apothecary:

The Eyes of the Oracle:

I also want to thank you all so much for subscribing to my channel, I recently hit my 500 subscribers marker and that just made my entire month. Thank you so much and hope this episode sends chills down your spine.

Thank you so much for watching, Happy Halloween, and be sure to tune in next weekend! I release a NEW VIDEO every week! -Heather Autumn


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