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The Stone of the Month is: Larimar

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

When I think of Summer I think of the ocean and pools and lots of cool beautiful water. So I think it’s only appropriate to dive in and see what the beautiful stone Larimar has to offer. It looks just like the sandy bottom of a beach or the cool blue of a pool and whenever I look at it I feel the peace I get when being by the ocean. It’s hands down my favorite stone!


The Stone of the Month is Larimar by

I have a lot of great memories linked to this stone. It was the first real piece of jewelry that I had ever bought for myself. There’s a real emotional connection to this crystal and me. I love the way it looks, and it really centers me.

Larimar is a recently discovered crystal that comes exclusively from the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, so no wonder it has that tropical look! While most of the time when you see it, it’s a gorgeous blue with white streaks in it (it honestly looks like the bottom of a pool), it also comes in shades of blue, green, gray, and even red!

The Stone of the Month is Larimar by

Since most of the time Larimar is a blue or a blue-green color it’s believed that this stone helps facilitate healing, cleansing, and opening of the throat chakra. What this means is that if you have trouble expressing yourself, having it in your pocket, or taking some time to meditate with it, might help. It can also help heal your heart chakra because if the throat chakra is blocked it can throw off the adjacent chakras as well, in this case, the third eye and the heart.

The heart, throat, and third eye chakra can definitely affect our moods. Larimar can help “cool down” tough emotions especially around things like panic attacks, stress, phobias, feeling like a victim, or excessive anger or fear. It helps the user have a sense of control over one’s life. I like to think of it as emotional waves bring in what is good for us, and taking out to sea what no longer serves. It can also help with patterns of thinking differently (because of the third eye link) it can help if you find yourself self-sabotaging and helps you take more control of YOUR life.

The Stone of the Month is Larimar by

My first experience with this stone was the result of getting my first professional-level job. I felt proud of myself, I felt empowered and I wanted to remember that feeling. I remember seeing a Larimar pendant in the window of a shop in Provincetown and I knew that was the perfect stone. Then I learned that this crystal actually embodies all the things I wanted to remember feeling!

This crystal does not like the sun and it can fade their colors, so be sure to not leave it out in direct sunlight. I personally like to charge most of my crystals by burning incense near them and by leaving them in a window that gets a lot of light from the moon. I would recommend the same for this crystal.

The Stone of the Month is Larimar by

Because Larimar looks so much like the sea and the sky it’s believed to be a great asset with women who are looking to reconnect with their femininity. It can also help men get in touch with their feminine and often spiritual side. If you’re looking to do any type of crystal grids this is also an excellent stone to use and it will bring serenity to what you’re working on.

I hope you really enjoyed this and learned a little bit about how you can use this stone to work on yourself and manifest your wishes! If you happen to see some Larimar for sale, it might be fun to pick up a piece and see what it can do for you. -Heather Astaneh

The Stone of the Month is Larimar by

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