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Visiting the Blueberry Festival at Red Apple Farm

This Blueberry Festival features all things Blueberry including, blueberry pancakes, Blueberry Crepes, and Blueberry Pizza, you can pick your own blueberries and treat yourself to some Blueberry wine or a Blueberry Slushie Sangria. It was so much fun and so delicious!


That's not the only thing that this farm has. They have an adorable general store where you can buy your blueberries if you're not up for picking them yourself. And no farm would be complete without some animals. Red Apple Farm has chickens, goats, donkeys, and some adorable bunnies! They also have all kinds of events like Yoga.

If you'd like to check out their calendar of events to plan your next trip, please check out their website here:

Also if you'd like to check out the winery I got my bottles, take a look at their website:

If you want to see extra content, and teaser pics for future episodes, please be sure to check out my other social media platforms:

Thank you so much for watching and be sure to tune in next weekend! I release a NEW VIDEO every week! -Heather Autumn

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