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Where to go for a Luxurious Valentines in Boston

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

I think everyone loves luxurious things. To be pampered once in a while is a great feeling to have and what better time to do that than for Valentines. If you’re tired of the usual flowers, chocolates, and taking your sweetheart to a crowded restaurant routine then this will hopefully add some spark to your love life. This post does contain an affiliate link which means if you click it and buy something, I get a small commission. Thank you!

February in Boston can be downright miserable. It’s hard to dress up in cute outfits that you’re going to cover up with a puffy unattractive coat and scarf. So I’ve planned two things very close together that are both luxurious and warm.


Recently my husband for our 12-year anniversary took me for a weekend at the Intercontinental Hotel in beautiful Boston. Yes, we live near Boston (about seven miles away from the city center), but it’s a very different experience going to sleep in a luxurious room with the glow of the buildings all around you. My husband is a fan of Hotwire and used it to get a really great deal on this hotel as the rooms can be pretty expensive.

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The Intercontinental is extremely luxurious with a beautiful lobby, valet, and concierge service that will not only make you feel super special but also help you make sure your stay is flawless. This place also has a massive gym for its guests as well as a large indoor heated lap pool. Our room was gorgeous. The first thing I noticed was the view which was towards the convention center part of Boston. The bed had a pillow top which means regardless of the firmness of the mattress you still feel like you’re snuggled in a cloud when you’re asleep. It was also extremely clean which for someone who obsesses over Netflix hospitality competitions is a huge plus. The bathroom had a deep tub that fit one comfortably. It had a separate shower as well as towels, slippers, and bathrobes.

My husband also made a trip to Lush and got a few items to have our own “spa day” but if that’s not your thing they also have their own spa (though the price was pretty high in my opinion and I wanted the extra time to connect and laugh with my husband over our facemasks).

After that, we got dressed up and headed to a beautiful restaurant located in the Boston Harbor Hotel called Meritage. The ambiance was spot on with a giant window that looks out on the boats and yachts docked in the Harbor. From the first moment, they make you feel special. Instead of just giving you a glass of water they also offer “water enhancements” which is a fancy way of asking if you want slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, and orange slices in your water as well.

My husband and I decided to go with their “Vineyard to Table” option which is a set menu of 6 courses and accompanying wines. The menu changes so what is listed on the website is not what we had so please just use that as a guideline. Guys, even if you skip the hotel and just go all out on this dinner it will be one that neither you nor your date will forget. The gentleman serving our wine was extremely educated in how they paired with the food as well as what made the wine taste the way it did.

Our first item to enjoy was an amuse bouche which translates into “to amuse the mouth” and is a small appetizer. Ours was a little cheese-filled ball. DELICIOUS!!!

Where to go for a Luxurious Valentines in Boston. By

After that, we got bread with sage butter. One of our servers noticed me taking pictures of the menu and of the items we were given and brought over a little keepsake miniature of the menu so we could remember the meal. Yeah, these guys thought of everything.

The first official course was a Jona crab and green soup. Now, remember, this is six courses so while the soup was around ten bites to finish, all of these plates were portioned so well that none of them felt like they were overwhelming your appetite and it was enough bites for the last bite to still be as good as the first. Next time you eat at a place that has a massive plate of food, notice how fast your tongue gets bored of the taste!

Where to go for a Luxurious Valentines in Boston. By

The second course was Salmon with crispy skin and let me tell you, I am a fan of fish, but I have yet to have a salmon as well cooked as this was and the accompanying sauce was mindblowing. Also, when it comes to the wine pairings, you’re supposed to eat and swallow your bite and then take a sip of the wine that’s paired with it that way the flavors have a chance to mingle in your mouth along with the scent that your nose picks up, and it creates a taste that is delightful and unique!

The third course was a duck. As those of you who follow my blog, long term would know, I’m not a fan of poultry, so if post a recipe or a restaurant review that includes a bird on it, then you know it’s because it was mind-blowingly good. This duck was no exception. It was absolutely delicious and the sauce, as well as the wine paired with it, was just exquisite.

Where to go for a Luxurious Valentines in Boston. By

The fourth course was steak with carrots and potatoes. Pretty classic but the sauce and the perfectly cooked vegetables took it to that next level.

The fifth course was a cheese course with macadamia nuts, brioche, apricot slices, and smoked gouda. Pair that with the wine it was the perfect way to leave the main courses and move into the 6th and final course which was a deconstructed cheesecake. Considering we went there on our anniversary they wrote that above the plate which I thought was a beautiful touch to such a memorable meal. That wasn’t the end though! as we left the restaurant to head back to our hotel, the hostess offered us both a small box of chocolates with the word Meritage on it. The level of thoughtfulness was just next level and of course, I was taking notes on what I could bring back home to improve my homemaking.

Where to go for a Luxurious Valentines in Boston. By

This was something I will certainly never forget. My husband did extremely well in thinking it all up and the next time I have a walk on the Harbor I’ll be thinking of how I ate a luxurious meal in that building or stay in that other building, and it’s making those kinds of memories that strengthen me during the tough time of my life. So if you’re looking to really make a memory for your love, please check out these two places. If you’ve had any otherworld experiences at a restaurant or hotel in your city or even in Boston, please let me know in the comments below and perhaps I’ll check it out and make another post about it! I hope this helps in planning something memorable for your valentine, and I hope you have a wonderful day. -Heather Autumn

Where to go for a Luxurious Valentine’s in Boston by


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