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Why Green Fluorite Needs to be Part of Your Crystal Collection!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Every month, I try to feature a new crystal. Usually, I feature crystals that I have in Mala form, but today I think I just want to focus on some really awesome unique crystals that you might want to add to your collection (even if you don’t believe in the metaphysical properties). So the featured stone I want to talk about today is Green Fluorite and if you work a lot in front of computers this is a great crystal to have nearby!


I am constantly in front of electronics. CONSTANTLY! I’m always blogging or on my phone, or making a video and my husband is a software engineer and also likes making electronic music, so needless to say our home is ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS CONNECTED, and I’m not sure I know everything about electromagnetic smog, but I’m pretty sure our home is the main producer of that for our neighborhood.

Some people can be really sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. I personally don’t feel like I notice anything, but I heard keeping a bit of Fluorite by your computer is a good idea and that got me really curious about what metaphysical properties are believed to come with a crystal like Fluorite.

Why Green Fluorite Needs to be Part of Your Crystal Collection by

I guess I should try to break down why crystals and chakras kind of go together. I’m still learning, so if you have any further information, please let me know in the comments below! The idea is that science has shown that everything is basically made of these vibrating atoms. This is what people sometimes refer to as “your vibe” The idea is that different things vibrate at different levels. The higher the vibration the better it is. The thought process from what I’m gathering so far is that if you’re dealing with a low vibrational thing, like depression or unforgiveness, you can use a crystal that has a higher vibe to try to influence your own vibration and help you work through whatever that negative state is. AGAIN, I can’t state this enough, but I’m still reading and learning and slightly skeptical (because of my upbringing), but I’m willing to give it a try because I don’t see the harm in meditating with a crystal especially if it does actually do something.

Fluorite comes in a few different colors each with its own benefits like purple, blue, green, and yellow. For this post, we’re going to be focusing on Green Fluorite because I actually have this one in my collection.

Why Green Fluorite Needs to be Part of Your Crystal Collection by

Green Fluorite is great for the heart chakras. What does that even mean? Your chakras are energy centers in your body. Each one has a certain corresponding color and for the heart that color is green. It’s believed that green crystals usually have some benefit in dealing with “heart” issues like love, self-esteem, being more open and loving towards yourself and others, and forgiveness.

Since Green Fluorite works in relation to the heart chakra, it’s no surprise that it can help you in group or relationship situations. Social situations, especially in group efforts or in relationships require balance, and giving and taking as well as knowing when to take responsibility for things and when to allow others to take responsibility. This stone can be helpful in regulating that.

Why Green Fluorite Needs to be Part of Your Crystal Collection by

Fluorite is also known as the “Genious Stone” because it’s believed to help assist with the highest of mental achievements. This is another reason why it’s good to have it by your computer because if you’re doing something creative or studying or doing anything with a high mental output this crystal can assist. I also think that if you’re looking to get a graduation gift for someone and you know they love crystals, then this is awesome to give them.

Green Fluorite also brings a “spring-like freshness” to thoughts and helps you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your best self, so it’s often thought to be helpful for those struggling with addictions or unhelpful thought patterns. I like to think that spring reminds me of new fresh things, and if this crystal is being described as spring-like for our thoughts, that probably means new fresh insights, thought patterns, or deep understandings of mental processes that no longer serve the individual.

In addition to helping you form new and fresh thought patterns, it’s believed that in some ways green fluorite will clean your space of negativity. Since it absorbs negativity, it’s recommended you cleanse your crystal once a week. You can do this by putting it under some running water for a few minutes.

Why Green Fluorite Needs to be Part of Your Crystal Collection by

If you like to coordinate your crystal collection with your zodiac Green Fluorite is a great stone to have if you want to work on getting to know the Pisces in your birth chart. I, unfortunately, don’t have any Piscean in me (or at least not that I’ve discovered yet), but people who do, especially if it’s their sun, moon or rising sign tend to be drawn to this stone. Given how social Pisceans can be this stone can help them balance out their emotions around their friends and helps them keep their sense of self.

So if you work behind a desk and are concerned about electromagnetic radiation and would prefer something other than wrapping everything in tin foil (which apparently helps?) having some Fluorite might help and it also looks more attractive too. I hope you enjoyed this post like I said I’m still learning and if you have more information on this definitely put it in the comments below so I can check it out!I hope this has been in the very least an interesting read for you and that you have a beautiful rest of your day! -Heather Astaneh

Why Green Fluorite Needs to be Part of Your Crystal Collection by


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