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Cape Cod Pirate Festival

On this episode of Autumn Becomes Me Vlog, I'm taking you to the Cape Cod Pirate Festival!


This Pirate Festival is located in the coastal town of West Yarmouth. The Cape Cod Pirate Festival has a bunch of vendors, pirates, performers, and a Mermaid! I even got to meet Captain Jack and I had some DELICIOUS drinks from Truro Vineyard at a Sangria tasting I attended!

If you'd like information on those I filmed at the Cape Cod Pirate Festival, please check out these links: For Captain Jack check out: and .

Also check out their Facebook at

For the two pirate captains featured early in the video please check out their facebook at :

PJS Trading:

Goblin Worx Leather Company:

Pirates of Fortune's Folly:

If you want to see extra content, and teaser pics to future episodes, please be sure to check out my other social media platforms:

Thank you so much for watching and be sure to tune in next weekend! I release a NEW VIDEO every week! -Heather Autumn

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