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Five Awesome Finds for May!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Once a month I like to release a post that highlights some fun, interesting, inspiring, or uplifting things I found while perusing the web. These are my top five for this beautiful month of May! I hope you enjoy this, and for the record, number 4 was my favorite!


Five Fabulous Finds for May by

1.) Sheltering at home can really put you in touch with your thoughts in a big way. In this awesome remix of Mr. Rodgers, this catchy song will get you thinking about what you’re growing in the garden of your mind.

Five Fabulous Finds for May by

2.) Donburi is what we would call a rice bowl. Japan has really mastered these in terms of what you can put on top of rice. If you find that you have some rice on hand and would like to try making your own Donburi, HERE are 12 Donburi ideas to keep lunchtime interesting from Just One Cookbook.

Five Fabulous Finds for May by

3.) In this time of isolation, it might be nice to get to know yourself. THIS article by Psychology Today helps explain how this will help in the long run as well as how you can start doing this immediately.

Five Fabulous Finds for May by

4.) I have been binging on Lord of the Rings stuff lately for some reason. I was looking for some inspiration for a future project and I found this great blog called Enchanted Living Magazine. Basically, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your home look a bit more hobbit or elvish, this blog has you covered!

Five Fabulous Finds for May by

5.) At the beginning of this Pandemic, there was some optimism. People were going to do bodyweight exercises, we were going to focus on cooking more, reading more, meditating, being in the moment. It almost sounded like summer break for adults! However, gradually I’ve noticed for myself as well as on my social media, people are slipping faster and faster into not doing any of the things they set out to do. THIS article by Mindsetforsuccess will help explain why we don’t do the things we know are good for us and how to get back on track.

I hope you learned some new things, heard some cool music, and in the very least smiled because of it.I hope this broke up your day in a positive way and has your heart feeling a bit lighter. -Heather Astaneh

Five Fabulous Finds for May by

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