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Five Fabulous Finds for August

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

2020 has really put the CRUEL in the song Cruel Summer. No time at the beach. Festivals canceled. Even the Fourth of July was a wash. Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze every last drop of fun out and start getting inspired for a change in season!


Five Fabulous Finds for August by

1.) I always feel good when I go to the beach. I can honestly be having the worst day and if I can manage to get down to the sand and surf I know it’s all going to be okay. Apparently, the healing powers of the ocean is nothing new! You can read all about what the Historic Healing Power of the Beach is HERE.

2.) I am always on the lookout for inspiring YouTubers and right now I am most inspired by Beatrice “B” Caruso. She’s honest, she’s funny, and she is immensely inspiring. She’s on a weight loss journey to lose 100lbs and is making the bold choice to allow everyone to see what that looks like. I love her determination. Since I am also trying to lose weight it’s nice to hear that some of my own problems are not unique just to me. I especially love this Chloe Ting Challenge or the Running a Mile a Day for 22 Days challenge. I also adore how careful she is with weigh-ins, before and after pictures, and even spreadsheets. I have been binge-watching her channel and you should too! Check it out at Beatrice Caruso Weightloss Journey! Also, it’s still summer so you can still try this Chloe Ting Summer  Shred!

Five Fabulous Finds for August by

3.) Growing up in Florida there really isn’t any “end” to summer, but usually, around the end of August, I have a moment of feeling a little sad. This really became noticeable for me when I moved up to Massachusetts. The impending darker days, snow, and being indoors more caused me actual anxiety and dread. I think I’m feeling it more this year because I feel slightly cheated out of a spring and summer, but if this sounds like you, please know that you’re not alone. THIS article helped me understand that the end of summer blues is an actual thing!

Five Fabulous Finds for August by

4.) The healing power of plants is amazing. Not only do they clean the air, but it’s been shown that it can even boost your mood! Unfortunately, I do not do well with plants, but I might try my luck again after reading about these 30 Easy House Plants that are almost impossible to kill by Good Housekeeping.

Five Fabulous Finds for August by

5.) This year has been disappointing so far. The truth is though, that disappointment happens a lot in life. Sometimes big, like the house you want to buy was just sold to someone else, to small like finding that the grocery item you need isn’t carried at your store. Either way, it’s important to know how to deal with disappointment in an emotionally intelligent way. THIS ARTICLE by Woman’s Day helped educate me on exactly what that looks like.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of fun articles! I hope you had a lot of fun reading this and you have a wonderful day! -Heather Astaneh

Five Fabulous Finds for August by



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