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Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

With all this time being spent indoors, these nails are guaranteed to brighten up your day! While it takes a bit of time, I’ll tell you which polishes I used and how to layer them in such a way to get that nice 3D look. This garden french tip is bound to bring in the spring!


I am a fan of using MoYou London nail stamps and O.P.I polishes just because their pigment can withstand the stamping process. I’ll be listing the colors I used to get this look, but if you find that you can’t find a color, or would like to explore other colors that is up to you.

First, let’s talk about the items that will be needed to achieve this look.

Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring! by

O.P.I Tiramisu (or other nude color)

O.P.I You Are So Outta Lime! (light or pastel colored green)

O.P.I Envy the Adventure (Dark forest green hue)

MoYou London Nail Art Plate “Botanical #01 (ferns and flowers)

MoYou London Nail Art Plate “Botanical #04 (bugs and butterflies)

Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring! by

1.) As always, it’s good to start off with a nice clean nail. Remove any old polish, file and shape the nail to the style you like, and buff it to remove any nail ridges.

2.) Once your nail is clean put one coat of the O.P.I Ridge Filler over it and allow it to dry. This will allow our polishes to go on smoothly.

3.) Now that your ridge filler is dry, paint all the nails with O.P.I Tiramisu. You can also use white, but I found this looked more natural on the nail.

Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring! by

4.) The next step will involve your nail stamper and MoYou London Nail Art Plate “Botanical #01” You’re going to take the lightest shade of green which would be the O.P.I “You Are So Outta Lime!” and you’ll use the small grouping of leaves on the bottom left-hand corner. Stamp these directly to the nail going up a bit more than halfway, but not so far up that the Tiramisu is completely covered. Do all nails with this.

Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring! by

5) Now that this is dry, go to your next darkest color. This should be O.P.I “I’m Sooo Swamped”. I liked to vary the foliage I used so for this next layer I chose the leaves that are two to the right of the stamp you used above. Stamp these about halfway up the nail.

6.) Next, you’ll need to take your darkest green which is O.P.I “Envy the Adventure” and you’ll go back to the same group of leaves you chose in step 4 and stamp this about a third of the way up the nail. WITH EXCEPTION to the nail you plan to put a little bug on. The dark color of the Green and the black of the bug will muddle the image.

Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring! by

7.) For the bug, I chose one from the MoYou London Nail Art Plate “Botanical #02”. Any bug or butterfly will do nicely.

8) Now that all your stamping is done, cover your designs in O.P.I Clear Coat to protect the image and enjoy your gorgeous spring fling nails!

Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring! by

I hope you really enjoyed this nail art tutorial and that your nails brighten up your day. If you would like to show me how your nails turned out, just tag me on your photos. I hope this helps bring some of the outdoors in and that it really lifts your spirits. I hope you have a wonderful day. -Heather Autumn

Garden Themed Nails to Welcome Spring! by



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