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How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Some people hate summer….I am not one of those people. I adore the heat, the barbeques, the pool and beaches, and seafood. The summer’s in Florida seemed a bit long but because the winter’s in Massachusetts are SO LONG, when hot weather comes I feel like I have to really take it in. These nails are TOP NOTCH TROPICAL and I hope you love them!


The weather is perfect, the beach is there, but I’m not exactly feeling super comfortable going to a crowded beach when it’s so important right now to social distance. That’s just me, so if you’re heading to the beach more power to you, but I’m afraid that unless I’m going super early in the morning when there’s no one there, I’m probably going to have to skip for this year (which is low grade devastating me).


These awesome tropical nails remind me that summer is really a state of mind. Just because I’m still kind of stuck indoors, doesn’t mean that I can’t eat fun foods, and drink fun drinks and have bright colorful nails! I thought up this design and I absolutely love it and I hope you do too!

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

O.P.I Ridge Filler

O.P.I Juice Bar Hopping (or any bright orange polish)

O.P.I Flip Flops and Crop Tops (or any bright pink polish)

Sinful Colors NEON The Bright Thing (or any other bright yellow polish)

O.P.I Lincon Park After Dark

O.P.I Alpine Snow

O.P.I Top Coat

Q-Tips and Cotton Balls

Nail Polish Remover

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

1.) As always, I like to start with nice clean nails free of old polish, and buffed and shaped.

2.) I paint all my nails in with O.P.I Ridge Filler which just ensures that my polish dries as smoothly as possible.

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

3.) Once the ridge filler is dry, I painted my thumb and pinky in bright pink and I painted my middle three fingers white so that the ombre will really pop!

4.) Make sure to paint the skin of your nails with something like a latex protector, or even Elmer’s Glue. (I forgot to for this design and it was a real effort to carefully remove the dried polish).

5.) To start your ombre effect, get one of your triangle sponges and paint part of it with pink, orange, and then yellow. Then quickly roll it over your white nails to see that color pop! You’ll have to do this several times to get the bright effect. FUN FACT!: If you are having trouble opening a bottle of polish, try wrapping a rubber band around the handle! It should be much easier to open!

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

6.) Once that is completely dry, get out the MoYou London plate called “Tropical #18” and select your design. Paint it with O.P.I Lincon Park After Dark, and use the MoYou Crystal Clear scraper and stamper to lift the design and transfer it to your nail!

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

7.) If you put on the skin protector you can now pull that off. However, if you forgot like me, now’s the time to get your q-tips out and nail polish remover and get to work!

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

8.) Now that it’s all clean and dry, cover your design in O.P.I Topcoat, to protect your design and help your nails last longer!

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by

I don’t know about you, but sometimes having happy little reminders around the house keeps my spirits high, and these nails feel like a constant reminder to enjoy summer as best as I can. I hope you have those same warm happy feelings when you look at your nails throughout your day!

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. Remember, just because this is a time of social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. You might have to work harder than normal to be happy, but YOU CAN DO IT! -Heather Astaneh

How to Get These Tropical Sunset Nails! by


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