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How To Make a Cozy Winter Center Piece

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

The holidays are over! This might come as a relief for some of you. There’s a new problem though, what to do with all that extra space left behind from your Christmas decorations. While I could honestly write a book about decorating after the holidays, I’m going to show you a small design that can work on your dining room table, above your mantel or on your coffee table. It’s warm and inviting and will hopefully fill in some of those gaps.


While Fall in Boston is absolutely beautiful, I can’t say the same for the winters. The New England winters are legendary for being brutal and a bit miserable. The sky is grey and there’s usually lots of snow and ice on the ground. I adore how my Christmas decorations seem to distract from the cold outside, but you can’t keep them up forever…or at least you should try not too. I get the dilemma though! If you take them down, your home risks becoming as bleak as the outside is! It’s hard to find that balance between a rustic ski lodge and Santa’s workshop.

Everything I got to make this centerpiece came from Amazon so I’m going to be using some affiliate links. If you chose to buy what I bought, and you click on a link and but it through there, I’ll get a small commission. Thank you!

How to Make a Cozy Winter Centerpiece by

There are a few changes I’ve noticed that might help you. First, the lights get smaller. Think fairy lights instead of the Christmas lights that went on your Christmas tree. I think rustic, so birch tree logs, flannel, antlers, and leave a few pieces of pine around. Of course, you can elevate this by adding gold and sleek straight lines as I am about to show you with this centerpiece.

First, let’s talk about the items I got to make this centerpiece.

A Decorative Tray: There are all kinds of trays to choose from. I chose the one above for several reasons. I liked how the white would match the white of my candles and pay homage to the white of the snow, but also contrast with my black dining room table. The gold handles just elevated it a bit from average tray to something a little more sophisticated. The nice thing about this is that it’s a classic look which I can use all season long if I wanted to. It’s versatile and that’s what I love about it the most.

Parchment Paper: It sounds weird to have this on the list, but considering we’re going to be using candles that will be burning down, I wanted to minimize the damage the wax might cause the tray.

How to Make a Cozy Winter Centerpiece by

Candles: I got three white unscented candles for this. One of my goals this year is to eat more dinners at the dining room table instead of in front of the TV, so I’m hoping that the nice ambiance of candlelight will entice me to be there more.

Pine and berry garland: Just because Christmas is gone doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything red and green. I liked this garland because it doesn’t completely do away with the pine, and I feel like the red berries add just a touch of color without it looking too Christmas themed. Also, I frequently remove a lot of the pieces from the main garland vine so I can arrange them how I like and remove items as I please.Christmas-themed

How to Make a Cozy Winter Centerpiece by

Twinkle lights: Interlacing these battery-operated twinkle lights throughout the garland brings interest and adds to the light of the candles. Also, if you didn’t want to burn the candles it looks adorable all on its own.

Instructions: This is fairly simple to put together. Just lay the parchment paper on the tray, and arrange the candles how you like (either grouped up or spread out). If you’ve chosen to pull the garland to pieces and place them as you wish then you might want to arrange the fairy lights first under the garland. I like to do this because it hides the battery pack for the lights. If you’ve chosen to keep your garland intact, then just wrap the fairy lights around the garland as you wish. Don’t be afraid to even remove some pieces if you think that will help the look of your arrangement. After that, you’re done! Place it in a room that’s going to get a lot of attention.

I hope this little DIY for your home helps bring it out of that winter slump that seems to come around at this time. Don’t be afraid to try different garland, candles, or even sizes of tray. This post is to help you explore fun alternatives for decorating and even (dare I say) celebrating the winter season.

How to Make a Cozy Winter Centerpiece by

If you enjoyed making this or would just like to chat, please let me know if the comments below. If you want to show me how yours turned out, just tag me on either Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for reading! -Heather Autumn

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