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How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I can remember sitting on my couch watching the Kardashians and admiring their lushes home bar. My “bar” at this point was just a sad mini-fridge and looked very…college dorm-like. I wasn’t very proud of it. However, instead of remaining jealous, I started to consider what I could do to dress up this space. I thought up this hack and not only does it look gorgeous, but it wasn’t that expensive either!

Staying at home more brings about new hobbies…and one of the many ones I have is drink making. As I’ve stated in the past, I really enjoy the ritual around drink making and how it can easily make a marked distinction between working and resting for me. I like the special glasses and feeling like a cross between a potions master and mad scientist mixing up mind clouding concoctions. I also feel like home bars can look absolutely elegant, but how to do that in a small space that I rent, for cheap was feeling like I was asking for too much. Until I had a spark of creativity.

How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy by

So in the picture above you can clearly see how sad this space looked. There was very little room for special glasses and our liquors kind of just sat on top. There wasn’t really space for mixing things unless you wanted to use the counter, but I kind of wanted something self-contained where I could utilize the top of the fridge as a mixing station.

I realized that my mini-fridge was about the size of a toilet, and if I could find a nice over the toilet caddy, I might be able to utilize it as a mini-fridge!

Personally, I didn’t want something that looked like it belonged in a bathroom, so I had to go on a search for exactly what I wanted. There were several models from Target, Walmart, and even Best Buy, but the one I got was from Wayfair. I wanted something that displayed well and the cubby holes were perfect for that. If you’d like to buy the same one, THIS is the exact one I got.

How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy by

Assembling it was fairly easy though it would be difficult to do just by yourself. I also had to modify it a little by leaving the molding on the right leg off so that my fridge would fit in there, but given that it was going to be hidden by the counter anyway it didn’t make a difference.

How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy by

Once I had it all assembled and looking nice I was able to start filling it with my favorite bar materials. I now had a place for my glasses and sake set. If you chose to put drinks on the top as I did please be aware that this can make the whole thing top heavy and since it’s not anchored to the wall if you have little ones who like to climb this might be dangerous so please take caution.

How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy by

Other than that, I am really loving this little bar. I think it brought some sophistication to the room and looks a lot more put together rather than having that “college dorm room” feel to it. It’s not the kind of bar that the Kardashians had, but given the price, I think it was a pretty good alternative!

How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy by

If you’d like to be kept up to date on future posts and entered into giveaways, please SIGN UP HERE. Also if you’d like to check out my SHOP or Buy Me a Coffee I really appreciate you investing in my small business. I hope this helps you spruce up your home a bit and make your bar area a little more elegant and welcoming. Happy drinking! -Heather Astaneh

How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy by


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