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How to Make Gravlax and Caviar Breakfast Toast

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

You may not be able to go to a five-star hotel right now, but that’s no reason not to have a breakfast like you’re in one! This is a really luxurious breakfast and yet it’s not as expensive as you would think. The sourdough and the yogurt help to balance out the saltiness of the Caviar and the Gravlax adds protein and depth to the flavor. This was easy to put together and looked extremely elegant.


How to Make Gravlax and Caviar Breakfast Toast by

While I would like to blame COVID as the reason you can spoil yourself, you don’t really need a reason. This breakfast falls under the idea that every day is special. It has taken me a long time to really understand that I don’t need a reason to enjoy nice things. That’s how it was when I was younger. I used to save things for special days. Make-up, buying nice clothes, using special things like candles, or facemasks all went on a list. Lately though, partly because of COVID, that every day is special. So in some ways, this breakfast was about embracing that. So eat the good food, use the special dishes, light the new candles and just enjoy those things you’ve been putting off. You’re special and every moment you’re alive is a special moment and life is full of those moments for you to enjoy. This breakfast is one of those moments.

I got this recipe as a picture with a quick ingredients list from The Feed, but I made some alterations.  I decided to substitute plain Greek yogurt for plain regular yogurt to add some extra protein. Also, there are many varieties of Caviar. The one I got was Black Tobiko Roe and it was $10!

How to Make Gravlax and Caviar Breakfast Toast by

*Smoked Salmon (also called Gravlax)

*Fresh Dill

*Plain Greek Yogurt

*Sourdough Bread

*White Vinegar

*Micro Greens


*2 eggs

*Caviar (I used Black Tobiko Roe and it was sold for $10)

How to Make Gravlax and Caviar Breakfast Toast by

1.) First, fill a small pot with just enough water to cover two eggs. Add a splash of white vinegar and bring to a boil. The vinegar will help the egg to peel once it’s done. When the water reaches a boil, turn the heat down to low, add your eggs, and cover. Set a timer for six minutes and let the eggs cook. Once they are done, place the eggs into ice water.

2.) While your eggs are cooking, toast the sourdough bread and allow it to cool.

3.) Finely chop the shallot. Slice it as thin as you can. Also finely chop the dill.

4.) To assemble your breakfast, take your Plain Greek Yogurt and put it on the toast thick. Then take your Salmon and put that on next. Lightly sprinkle on the dill and shallots.

5.) NEVER USE METAL on the Caviar. This will cause it to oxidize and it will become bitter. Instead, use a plastic spoon. Place this on top of your toast.

6.) Top with a sprinkling of microgreens ( Unfortunately my local grocery store didn’t have any so I had to forgo them, but it was still delicious).

7.) Cut the eggs (they should be soft boiled which means they will have a firm white and a runny yolk.

8.) Enjoy!

Remember, there will be more nice things. Enjoying nice things when they present themselves is the key to finding happiness. If you’re always putting off happiness for a later time, you delay experiencing that feeling. I hope as you read this you’re enjoying your breakfast and I hope that it’s a wonderful start to a wonderful day. -Heather Astaneh.

How to Make Gravlax and Caviar Breakfast Toast by



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