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How to Make these Super Cute Kawaii Nails!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Sometimes when things get stressful, I like to think back to my childhood toys. Sometimes imagining pastel colors, or sparkles, makes me feel warm and fuzzy even as an adult. There is a culture that takes remembering your childhood to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. It’s called Kawaii and I’ll be telling you what that is, as well as how to get these adorable Kawaii nails!


In Japan, there is a fashion trend that is absolutely adorable. It’s called Kawaii, which can mean something like cute or childlike. There are even characters over here in the states like Pikachu that would be considered Kawaii over in Japan. This is an all-encompassing tread that often involves writing in cute handwriting, having cute accessories, and even dressing in a way that resembles a doll (called Lolita) or the much more outgoing fashion of Decora which involves wearing bright hair clips and even stickers on the face!

How to Make these Super Cute Kawaii Nails! by

Slowly this has been finding its way over to the United States! I currently have a stuffed avocado in my office, that resembles something that would be considered “Kawaii” and “cute” featured items are starting to be more prevalent especially with already established Kawaii characters like Pikachu and Hello Kitty.

So let’s get started on how to get these kawaii nails.

How to Make these Super Cute Kawaii Nails! by

O.P.I Ridge Filler.

Any pastel polishes you wish. I used multi-color, but you can, of course, use one color if you wish

Sparkly nail polish if you like for the accent nail.

White nail polish, I used OPI alpine snow

O.P.I Top Coat

The MoYou London Nail plate called “Scandi #9

The MoYou London, Crystal Clear Nail Stamp and Scraper

Nail polish remover

How to Make these Super Cute Kawaii Nails! by

1.) Starting off with clean nails free of polish and shaped and buffed. I also like to paint my nails with O.P.I Ridge filler so the polish goes on really nice and smooth.

2.) Paint your nails with the polish colors you would like. I did mine in multi-color pastel, but you can have all the same color or omit the sparkly accent nail if you like.

How to Make these Super Cute Kawaii Nails! by

3.) Once your polish is dry, take out the MoYou London “Scandi #09” plate and select the star pattern you like. Use your white nail polish and pick up the patter with your nail stamp. Position and stamp down on the nail. Repeat for all other nails.

4.) If you’re doing an accent nail, be sure to paint that with the sparkle color.

5.) Clean up the edges with some nail polish remover and cover all nails with a Top Coat to protect your design and enjoy it!

How to Make these Super Cute Kawaii Nails! by

That’s all you have to do! I hope you’re loving the design. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think! – Heather Astaneh

How to Make these Super Cute Kawaii Nails! by

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