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How to Make this Festive Lucky Stars Ornament

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Are you looking for something to give your friends and family this year to hang on their tree? Or perhaps you have little ones you want to keep busy and calm during this holiday season? If so, then you need to try this craft. It’s super easy, something you can do while watching a holiday special, and cheap to make. It’s so cute and special looking I just had to write a post about it.


Let’s talk a little bit about the history of these origami stars. Some people say they are from Japan, other people know these as Chinese lucky stars, but it’s more about the time it takes making these and the amount you give someone that means something. If you know anything about Japanese Folded Cranes it’s similar. The idea is that if you make 100 – 1000 stars for someone or yourself,  the wish will come true, which makes it ideal for Christmas considering how many wishes we have for ourselves and others during that time of year. If you’re giving this as a gift that might be a nice little fact to include, that you made all these stars while wishing something good for the person you’re giving it to.

Now that you have some meaning to go off of, I’m going to tell you what you’ll need to make these. This post is going to contain affiliate links because who wants to go out and get these things when you can just order it and have it delivered. Also for things like the star paper, I got mine for cheap on Amazon, so I want to give you the same opportunity. If you click on a link and buy something, I’ll get a small commission. Thank you!

The first thing you’re going to need is a clear glass Christmas ornament. They sell plastic ones at your local craft store or you can buy these:

The next thing you’re going to want is specifically is “star origami paper”. This is different than regular origami paper that comes in a square. These are strips of paper, and while yes you can cut these yourself, it’s going to be even more time consuming to get them all uniform. I personally found it was more fun to just buy the strips outright because then I could immediately start folding.

Once you have these items, you can start making your stars.

1.) You’re going to want to make a “knot”.

2.) Next, you’re going to tuck the spare piece in. You should have a pentagon shape with a “tail” coming off of it. (shown in the picture below.)

How to Make this Festive Lucky Stars Ornament by

3.) Now you’re going to take the long “tail” part and fold it around the pentagon. (shown in 5 and 6)

4.) Once you’ve reached the limit of what you can wrap around the pentagon, you’re going to tuck the end into the folds of the star. If you need to tear off a little so you can tuck it, that’s okay. (shown in 7)

How to Make this Festive Lucky Stars Ornament by

5.) So now you have a perfect little pentagon. To inflate it, you’re going to press in the middle of the flat sides with your nail ever so slightly. This might take some practice and patience. Once you’ve bent all the sides a little then you just pinch the corners to form your star! (shown in 8 and below)

How to Make this Festive Lucky Stars Ornament by

6.) Pop it into your ornament and make more! Fill it up and you’re done!

How to Make this Festive Lucky Stars Ornament by

This doesn’t just have to be for Christmas either. Feel free to experiment with different shapes of the containers and colors of the stars and feel free to give them away for Weddings, Get Wells, Birthdays and anything else you can think of! If you have any questions or you just want to talk about what you’re doing with these, please feel free to let me know in the comments below! If you’d like to keep up with what I’m posting, feel free to SIGN UP! I hope you enjoy this little project and that all your Holiday wishes come true! May you have a wonderful day. -Heather Astaneh


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