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My Spring Cleaning Schedule

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Oh man! I know some people HATE cleaning but for me, I really enjoy it ESPECIALLY if it’s spring cleaning.


To say I just “hate” winter would be an understatement. I absolutely loathe and at times have actual panic around the season. It’s miserable. Everything is dead and it’s so cold that while I don’t want to be stuck in my home, the idea of going out is not all that appealing either. If I’m not careful I can actually get depressed. I sleep longer, it’s harder to get out of bed, my goals can suffer, and it just sucks (sorry for those who love winter).

So the day that it’s warm enough that I can throw all the windows open, it’s like a spiritual experience. I am so in the moment when I feel that first, slightly chilly breeze run through the home. I make a real event of it. I’ll play upbeat music, and really take note of how happy my soul feels even if I know next week is going to bring a cold snap. That first “thawed out” day is a reminder that better days are ahead, and that things don’t stay bad forever, every season has its end.

All that to say my spring cleaning schedule may be considered intense. I live in a two-story duplex so when I really want to do a real deep clean I usually split it into a two-day thing; one day per floor. But first thing is first, here are some suggestions for cleaning supplies.

So as I go through these rooms, one thing I like to keep in mind is the “Top Down” method, which means cleaning things from top to bottom. There’s nothing worse than working really hard to wipe down and clean stuff, only to realize you forgot to dust the ceiling fan and now everything is covered in dust again. This even goes for floors. I like to clean the top floors before the bottom. Another thing I like to do is the most difficult rooms first. Which is why I’m going to start with the Bathroom.

That list is so freakn’ long which is exactly why I try to get it done. First, I like to do the bedroom, because truth is, you’re going to be exhausted at the end of the day if you’re dedicating it to just do a full clean.

For the hallways and stairways, in general, a good dusting of the ceiling, air vents, walls, and stair railings would be good. Following the top-down style, a good vacuum of the floor would be good. As far Office’s or Children’s playrooms are concerned, they follow much the same form. Clean vents or fans, wipe down walls, wash windows, empty trash cans, clean up clutter, wipe down furniture with an antiseptic wipe, vacuum and you’re good to go. From here I’d move to the bottom floor. I handle the bathroom downstairs the same way as I go upstairs. So the next big room to tackle would be the Kitchen.

I’m going to group the Dining room and the Living room together since they are really the same in terms of care and are probably the simplest of all the rooms to do. It’s basically the same routine you’ve done for all the others. Working from the top down dust fans and vents, wipe down walls, wash windows, and dust furniture, In my case if you have animals that shed I suggest taking a lint roller to the couch, and sweeping or vacuuming. You’re done!!!! You did it! YAAASSS!

So how did it go? If you tried it, tell me about your experience in the comments below! If you would like exclusive content into my life then feel free to follow my social media listed on the sidebar! Have a wonderful day! – Heather Autumn


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