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My Visit to Just Smash It's Wreck Room!

On this episode of Autumn Becomes Me Vlog, I'm taking you to Just Smash It which is a wreck room in Avon Massachusetts. Just Smash It features several rooms that you can rent that come with a variety of destructive "weapons" like baseball bats and crowbars that you can you to "Just Smash" crates of glass items.


 If you ever had the urge to just throw some glass bottles against a wall, or maybe break your computer into little pieces, you can do that here at Just Smash It without damaging your actual computer, or having to clean up glass!. Once you put on Just Smash It's protective gear you can embrace your inner destructive self! Just Smash It is perfect for couples, parties or even just going by yourself to work through some inner demons. I promise you won't be sorry!

Check out Just Smash It's website HERE:

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