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Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology!

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

I recently decided to get a Halloween bundle from Maniology and I have to say I was NOT disappointed by what I got! I got two stamping plates, a special Halloween themed scrap and stamper, as well as three gorgeous polishes to try. Not only will I review how this product worked for me, but I’ll also show you a custom design I did using the polishes I had on hand.


Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology! by

The Ouija board has for years been considered either a portal to the other side or a tool of the subconscious to communicate to the conscious mind…Today, however, it’s a fun spooky nail plate from Maniology’s Halloween bundle that I’ll be reviewing.

I’m a new ambassador to Maniology and I have to say that I LOVE them. They seem to really value their customers and their products seem to be priced fairly. This is not quite a sponsored post, but if you do feel inspired and want to buy something from them please use the code AUTUMN10 in the checkout and you’ll get 10% OFF all regularly priced items. I’ll also get a 10% commission, so thanks!

After trying their “Wild Heart” starter kit which I reviewed HERE. I decided to try out their Halloween Limited Edition 7-piece Supernatural Stamping Bundle. Once I got it, I knew I had to show you guys how cool this bundle was.

Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology! by

First, it came in a little bag which I loved. For anyone who knows me, knows I like to keep things organized, and having a bag to keep all this in was a nice touch. It came with a special “Happy Halloween” Stamp and Scraper, three metallic polishes in red, blue, and green, and two “supernatural” stamping plates (one featuring Tarot cards so you can make your own, and one featuring the Ouija board design which I’m reviewing). I felt for the price it was well worth it.

So to get this design I did as follows:

1.) Start off with clean, polish-free, clipped, and buffed nails. I also like to paint an O.P.I Ridge Filler on my nails so that the polish goes on smoothly.

2.) Next, I painted my thumb, middle and pinky finger in O.P.I “Suzi Needs a Loch-smith” and my index and ring fingers in O.P.I Alpine Snow. Of course, you can also use the gorgeous polishes that came with the bundle but I wanted to see if it worked with my own polishes.

Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology! by

3.) Once dried, I used O.P.I Black Onyx to pick up the designs on the Ouija board stamp plate. To do this, simply put some polish on the design you want, quickly drag the scraper over the design and use the clear stamper to pick the design up. Once the design is on your stamper, press it against the nail you want the design to adhere to. I put “Yes” on my thumb, a Planchette on my middle finger, and a “No” on my pinky. For the white nails, I did one of the general designs featuring the letters, number, starts and suns, and planchettes.

4.) The stamped designs should dry almost instantly. Once they are dry gently cover them in a clear topcoat to protect your design and enjoy the compliments.

Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology! by

I really love how fun and spooky my nails look now and hopefully yours look the same! To be notified of future posts I make on this blog be sure to SIGN UP HERE. If you really love this post and how your nails turned out, tag me in your social media, and I’ll be sure to check it out and like your photo! Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day! -Heather Astaneh

Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology! by

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