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  • Heather Green

Return to Salem for the Witches and Psychics Festival!!!

On this episode of Autumn Becomes Me Vlog, by popular demand I'll be returning to Salem Massachusetts for the Witches and Psychics Festival! I'll introduce you to some wonderful vendors as well as show you a shop where you can buy human brains in jars and a real human skull!


If you'd like to see my previous trip to Salem, please go here:

Special shout out to those I interviewed:

* Karen Fayton of Karen's Crowns :

* Kelly of Wanderlusting Wiccan :

* Moon Goddess Candles:

* Faded Empire:

Lastly, if you'd like some extra content and behind-the-scenes action, please check out my other social medias!:




Thank you all so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this episode and have a wonderful rest of your day! -Heather Autumn


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