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Super Bowl 2023 Philly Cheesesteak Sliders!

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

On this episode of Autumn Becomes Me Vlog I'm going to help you start the party with these Super Bowl Philly Cheesesteak Sliders. They're easy to put together and so delicious. Regardless of whose side you're on, you're bound to love these mini bites of deliciousness.


Philly Cheese Steak Sliders:


  • 12 slider rolls (make sure they're savory)

  • 1lb of thinly sliced steak, (you can substitute chicken instead of steak)

  • 1 onion (julienned, except for 1 TBSP which you will cut into small cubes

  • 1 Green Bell Pepper

  • 6 slices of Provolone Cheese

  • Mayo

  • 3 Tbsp butter (melted)

  • Mushrooms are optional


  1. Cook your steak through, and remove from pan.

  2. Cook your onions and green bell pepper (and mushrooms if you'd like) and remove.

  3. In a large baking dish, put mayo on the bottoms of the slider rolls and line the baking dish.

  4. Layer the steak, the veggies, and then the cheese. Spread mayo on the slider tops and place them on top to form a sandwich.

  5. Melt 3 tbsp of butter, add 1 tablespoon spoon of the finely chopped onions, and brush on top of the rolls.

  6. Cover with foil and bake for 10 min.

  7. Remove foil and bake for another 10 min. Remove from oven and enjoy!



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