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Why Clear Quartz is the Best Crystal for April

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Classically the birthstone for April is Diamond (lucky!), this goes back to the ancient Ayurvedic traditions. However, Clear Quartz is also considered a great alternative. I wanted to look more at clear quartz in this post because it’s also the featured crystal in the mala I’m giving away this month! So if you’re looking to learn more about the Mala you’re wanting to win this post is for you!


Why Clear Quartz is the Best Crystal for April by

Clear Quartz is known as a “Master Healer” meaning, if you could only buy one crystal, clear quartz would be an excellent choice. It’s called a Master Healer because it is basically good for anything you want to use a crystal for whether that be for mental healing, or physical, to set intentions, have protection or to just cleanse a space.

Why Clear Quartz is the Best Crystal for April by

Quartz is greek for ice because they believed that its clearness was due to it actually being ice so cold that it would never thaw. It’s interesting that ice and snow are considered pure things because clear quartz is also given the same attribute. They actually use to carve it into rings or spheres because it had a cooling effect during the hot summer months.

It’s not linked with any direct zodiacs, it can be used regardless of your sign. It is also thought in Feng Shui that if you put on in a windowsill it will draw in positive energy from the sun and moon to fill the room. Plus it just looks really beautiful. HOWEVER, if you have a clear crystal sphere it’s best to keep it covered by a cloth or removed from direct sunlight as the sun’s rays could hit it and be magnified and actually start a fire. In fact, its ability to refract light allowed Sir Isaac Newton to study rainbows. It’s also used in scient and technology because it’s able to turn heat, or pressure into electromagnetic energy which has made it extremely useful in computer chips and even watches.

Why Clear Quartz is the Best Crystal for April by

You can Program It

It’s believed that just like a computer, you can program it with your desires and intentions. To do this you would just have to hold it in your hand and close your eyes and focus on what you would like to “download” into the crystal. Usually, this works for setting intentions. So for example, if you wanted help being motivated to lose weight, you could sit with your crystal and think of yourself fit and healthy. The belief is that the crystal would then align with your intentions and help you achieve that goal by amplifying your goal.

Why Clear Quartz is the Best Crystal for April by

How to Cleanse Your Clear Quartz Crystal.

Because it’s prone to absorbing so much from what’s around it, it’s good to cleanse this stone regularly. This stone is pretty strong, so it can be put in water. I was actually told that if you put some pink Himalayan salt in the water that it helps to clear it as well because of the electrolytes. I have a lot of stones so I like to charge them all together under the full moon (which you can read more about HERE). You can also sage your stones (which I find can be nice if I need to use them right away or I forgot to put them under the moon).

So there’s the skinny on clear quartz! It’s really just a great stone to have in your collection. If I missed anything, or you’d like to talk about your experience with this crystal, please let me know in the comments below! I hope this has been a fun read and has brightened your day or at least gotten you a bit curious. Please have a wonderful day. -Heather Autumn

Why Clear Quartz is the Best Crystal for April by


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